March 16, 2022

10 Upgrades to Make Your Home Look Custom Built

After several Covid-riddled years spent mostly stuck in our homes, many of us have felt compelled to upgrade and optimize our living environments. With the home now playing multiple roles, such as the work office, studio, gym, Zen Garden, school, and more, we have to make the most of what space we have.  

If you’re planning to undertake a home renovation project soon, but need some inspiration to get you started, check out our guide. Our construction experts at Onsite Construction have put together a list of 10 upgrades to make your home look custom-built.

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1. Built-In Customs

Custom built-in cabinetry is not only beautiful, but also a practical way to upgrade your home, create artistic shelving displays, and hide undesirable clutter. You can build in anything you can dream up such as:

  • Bookshelves
  • TV cabinetry
  • Desks
  • Closets
  • Butler’s pantry  
  • Kitchen cabinetry  
  • Laundry room organization

Onsite Construction can build in whatever will best fit your home and your personality. Whether it’s the living room, office, or game room, a custom built-in is sure to boost your domain to a new level of efficiency and charm.

2. Renew the Staircase

A staircase is often the focal point of a foyer or entryway, which makes it perfectly prepared to make a big impact. There are many ways to upgrade the impact of your staircases, such as adding a new railing, a clean coat of stain or paint, trimmed or tiled risers, or an unparalleled runner.

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3. Update and Unify Trim

There are countless styles of trim to fit the architecture and interior design of your home, but the key to a unified and put-together look is consistency. The greatest impact of your home is created in the small details, so make sure to update all of the trim in your home, regardless of what style you go with. Don’t forget the baseboards, crown molding, or door/window trim to make your home look custom-built rather than a basic builder update.  

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4. Hinge In Solid-Core Interior Doors

Replacing hollow core doors with 1.75-inch solid core doors will add an element of refined luxury to any room. In addition to having a weighty and durable quality, they are customizable so you can add in paneling (or lack thereof) to match your updated trim and décor.

Match the doors with some updated hardware to pull the look together.

5. Add Details to the Walls

Getting creative with the wall design is a great way to showcase your personality whether it be through custom paneling, plaster, new wallpaper, or bright and exciting paint colors. Selecting unique shades and textures for your surroundings is a bold and impactful way to give your home a customized appearance.  

Adding subtle, cohesive details to the walls and ceilings of your home is a wonderful way to create an elegant custom appearance without breaking the bank.

6. Add Details to the Ceilings

In a similar manner to adding wall detailing, incorporating ceiling detailing can add simple yet forceful custom effect to your home and can be a relatively inexpensive project. Some ceiling additions to update your home include:

  • Solid or boxed beams
  • Tongue & groove paneling
  • Unique trim detailing
  • A paint color complimentary to your walls  

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7. Create a Sweet Bathroom Escape

While adding details to the walls or ceiling is typically a low budget-friendly project, the same can’t be said for bathroom renovation. Even though redoing a bathroom can range on the pricier side, it is often very worth it!  

If you are happy with the bathroom’s layout, you can focus on updating the finishes, such as the lighting, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and tiles. Make sure to plan ahead well and select colors, textures, and shapes that are cohesive and blend well for each bathroom before investing countless hours and dollars.  


8. Tack On a Floor Inlay

If you are planning a large-scale renovation, a floor inlay is one project you can incorporate into the overarching redesign. Using an inlaid design in a foyer, hallway, or room can help distinguish the room and define the bounds of an area. This can be especially useful in an open floor plan where there are no walls clearly defining each room.  

9. Level Up Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of interior design and is often left on the back burner in production or semi-custom homes. The reality is lighting can create one of the most dramatic differences in your home, elevating your spaces from boring build to custom dream.  

You can adjust the warmth or coolness of your lights, install artful chandeliers and pendants, decorate with elegant sconces, incorporate smart lighting control systems, or spotlight certain pieces of art. The lighting plays a huge part in the feel of your space.

10. Make Your Kitchen the Star

Without an updated, custom-feeling kitchen, the rest of your home may not truly reach the sensation of a custom-built home. As a space in your home where you likely spend countless hours, a new kitchen can elevate your home to a beautiful sanctuary for all of your lifestyle needs. When updating your kitchen, be sure to incorporate elements for both function and form so that it flows with your family’s needs.  

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Custom Creations with Onsite Construction

Whether you feel inspired to completely gut and redo your home or simply incorporate some small elements to refresh your space, our team has the tools and tricks for the job. By choosing Onsite Construction, you’ll get top-quality, hassle-free work that will not only increase the value of your home but also increase the value of your life.  

Our team is dedicated to building your dream. Call our experienced contractors at Onsite Construction for your free consultation – (813) 579-5789!