March 16, 2022

Custom Home Trends of 2022

If you have the vision to develop your dream custom home in 2022, look no further than these trending custom home additions! The commitment to designing a custom home presents many exciting possibilities, but it also takes substantial preparation and planning.  

If you are unsure of how to start the process of building your custom home, these trends of 2022 are a great place to start for a fountain of inspiration. With the help of our team at Onsite Construction, you can have a picture-perfect property with all of the features you’ve been desiring. Read on for Onsite Construction’s guide to the best custom home trends of 2022!

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Oasis

As people spend more and more time outdoors enjoying all the beauty nature has to offer, now is a better time than ever to elevate your outdoor deck and patio spaces. One trend that continues to grow in popularity is developing an outdoor, livable extension of your home’s elegant interior. Here are some features to consider adding to your outdoor space:

  • Built-in patio kitchen
  • Screened porch
  • Gazebo  
  • Patio fire pit
  • Stone fireplace  
  • High-end smoker

Once your custom build is complete, take your space to an even more luxurious level with upscale furniture. Many furniture designers have further expanded their range of outdoor décor with element-friendly rugs, lighting, and more!

If you are feeling motivated to make the backyard oasis of your dreams a reality, contact Onsite Construction today for a free consultation!

Create a Resort-Inspired Bathroom

Self-care is so important in our hectic and busy schedules, so we recommend building the perfect bathroom for relaxation and pampering.  

The focal point of most bathrooms is the shower and the tub. You could consider installing a free-standing bathtub in front of a large bayside or mountain view window to let natural light poor in and illuminate your skin. Many homeowners swoon over rain or dual shower heads that provide luxurious water pressure and full-coverage warmth.

For further comfort, you could add a built-in bench or shelving to your shower. This will allow for deep relaxation as you stretch your legs out and experience the sauna-like sensation of the warm shower steam. If you want to go the full mile, consider installing an actual infrared sauna in your bathroom.

Selecting a natural stone such as quartz or marble material for countertops and the shower walls will stunningly shimmer in sunlight and create a resort-like ambiance.  

Connect to Nature Indoors

After several years of being stuck indoors due to the pandemic, people are craving the outdoors more than ever. Biophilic design, or “love of life” design, emphasizes the importance of nature for our mental health by bringing the outdoors inside. This design style has become increasingly more popular over recent years and isn’t planning on going away anytime soon.  

Neutral palettes, including light browns, ivories, stone blues, and sage greens, and natural textures, such as flora & fauna, wood, stone, and clay materials, are increasing in popularity. You can invite natural elements into your home such as a green wall or raw wooden ceiling panels.  

Installing large floor-to-ceiling windows can showcase the beautiful surrounding views of nature, especially if you’re building your home as a scenic get-away.  

Incorporating biophilic design into your custom home build can not only look incredible but will also be beneficial for your health as more and more research reveals the powerful impacts of the natural world.

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Utilize Smart Technology & Sustainable Materials

As you prepare and plan for your custom home, think about incorporating smart, energy-efficient technology and sustainable materials where possible.  

Incorporating recycled and reclaimed materials can add a unique and rustic touch to your space, all while being sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint.

Using recycled and reclaimed materials such as repurposed stone or wood can not only look really unique and ahead of the times but is also helping reduce your carbon footprint. You can also install energy-efficient lighting such as LED in order to reduce your electricity usage.  

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Make Bold Kitchen Moves

As a hub for creativity through preparing delicious meals, your kitchen should reflect your inner chef spark. With an eccentric kitchen, you will feel more inspired to experiment with your cooking skills and have a beautiful space for social gatherings.  

This year, incorporate pops of color into your kitchen through bright wallpaper, playfully textured backsplashes, unique island tables, or statement countertops.  

Light fixtures also provide an avenue for showing off your bright and bold personality. Artful hanging pendants, simple and lighthearted bubble lighting, or minimal under-the-counter glow strips can be just some of the limitless ways to add extra flavor to your kitchen.

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Stay Ahead of the Trends with Onsite Construction

There are countless ways to build a dream home that resonates with your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to spend more time outside, bring the outdoors in, or upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, our team of experienced contractors can bring your vision to life.  

Stay ahead of 2022 trends with Onsite Construction! With endless options and styles for your new home, we will help you develop and execute all of the ideas and features you can imagine. We want you to enjoy the process and have a positive home-building experience!

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