March 16, 2022

What to do After Your Home Has Been Damaged by a Storm: Important Steps to Begin the Restoration Process

Living in Tampa Bay and its surrounding areas, you know storms are common. It is important that you are prepared on what to do if storm damage occurs to your home or business.Having a plan of what to do in the case of a disaster will have you prepared to immediately begin the restoration process.Whether your home experiences minor damage such as a small leak or a total home loss, it is a good idea to keep these steps in mind to keep your family safe and mitigate the storm damage.

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Ensure That it is Safe to Go Outside

Before going outside to check the possible exterior storm damage, you should make sure that it is safe before wandering outside. Check the local news or radio station to stay updated on the storm, so you know when it is safe to head outdoors.It’s important to stay away from standing water and downed power lines and contact the local utility company to notify them.If it’s dark outside, bring a flashlight with you rather than a candle to reduce the chances of a fire or explosion.If you happen to smell gas, open your windows immediately and turn off the main gas line.

Analyze the Storm Damage

Storm damage to roof in Tampa

After you’ve determined that it’s safe to go outside, you can then cautiously examine the possible storm damage.

  • One of the first things to look for is roofing damage. It is important to take photos of any signs of damage, so that you can present them to your insurance company.
  • Check for cracks and damaged window and door frames. Board any broken windows until they can be repaired.
  • The next thing to look for would be any damage to the exterior surface of your home such as damage to siding or brick.
  • Outdoor appliances such as AC units should also be inspected for signs of storm damage such as cracks and discoloration.
  • Ensure that gutters are clear, so that water can flow away from your property.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

After you’ve assessed your home for storm damage and have taken photos, it is then time to contact your insurance company.They will assist you with creating your storm damage claim, and then you can begin the process of hiring Onsite Restoration.

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Hire Onsite Restoration

collapsed home after hurricane

When it comes to your restoration project, you will want to look for a company that is state licensed, has experience, and does quality, professional work.You want a professional, not a second rate company. Onsite Restoration exceeds all the restoration standards and is trusted by homeowners and professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.

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Why Choose Onsite Restoration For Your Storm Restoration 

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