March 16, 2022

Benefits of Using Public Adjusters for Your Insurance Claim

Oh no! You’ve just experienced damage to your property from a fire or storm, and now you’re left to figure out how you’ll afford the repairs. You know you’ll go through your insurance company, but how will you ensure that they will cover all that you’re entitled to?That’s where public adjusters come in. Insurance claims can be confusing, so having a public adjuster to assist you through this process can bring on many benefits.

Public adjusters are professionals in getting the most out of your insurance claim, and help with expediting the process. Below we’ve laid out the details behind why using a public adjuster can be extremely beneficial to your project.

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You’ll Save Money

Public adjusters, just like Onsite Restoration, knows the ins and outs of insurance claims.

For instance, did you know in most cases, new construction will cost less than repairing just the damaged areas?

This is because a new build will be following the current codes in your area rather than trying to bring your existing home up to code which will cost more.

Another thing to point out is that many people will settle for less money than they could actually be receiving. 

Public adjusters understand all of the tiny details behind getting the most out of your insurance claim which is an important reason why hiring one should be considered.

We understand that the insurance claim process is exhausting and many people just want to get it over with. However, this results in homeowners receiving less money for their claim.Contact Onsite Restoration to find out how to get more out of your claim!

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You’ll Sleep Like Royalty

If your damage is severe enough that it requires mandatory evacuation, your homeowners insurance will cover your costs of living. This includes lodging and food.Don’t think that you need to stay at a shelter until your home is restored, your insurance company will cover the expenses of hotels, so you can live like you’re on vacation.Public adjusters assist with maneuvering through your insurance claims, so that you don’t miss out on the benefits that you may not have thought would’ve been covered!

No one likes to be displaced from their home, Onsite Restoration wants to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while we rebuild! 

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You’ll Receive Accurate Costs

After a disaster has occured, your insurance company may hire an adjuster from another state who does not understand the local costs and building codes, resulting in inaccurate cost estimates. Adjusters from out of state use a software program to estimate total costs, but this is usually inaccurate.This stresses the importance of hiring a local public adjuster. You’ve already experienced the detrimental event of completely losing your home or suffering severe damage to your home, why not let Onsite Restoration take care of the nitty gritty insurance claim details?All lines of communication are open! Connect with us for a quick response!

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Interested In Hiring A Public Adjuster For Your Restoration Project?

Onsite Restoration works with professional, high-quality public adjusters who can assist you with your insurance claim process.Once your public adjuster has assisted you through the insurance claim process, Onsite Restoration will provide timely, exceptional work on your restoration project. Whether you’ve experienced storm, water or fire damage, Onsite Restoration can handle it all.In fact, we EXCEED your expectations! We use high-quality materials, locally sourced, and we are state licensed and veteran owned.We have residential contractors and public adjusters ready to assist you through your rebuilding process from start to finish in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St. Pete Beach, Riverview, and Ruskin.

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