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What is Commercial Remodeling?

Commercial remodeling is when a retail store, a restaurant, hotel, entire office building, or any existing commercial space is modified in the interior, exterior or both. It can involve significant reconstruction, alterations, additions, re-design, maintenance, and repair. Remodeling a commercial building not only improves the aesthetics of your space, it can also improve traffic flow, make employee interaction easier, strengthen the building’s structural integrity and optimize integrated systems. 

When it comes time to choose a general contractor who has years of experience and an excellent reputation with this type of commercial remodeling project in the Tampa area, you need to give Onsite Construction & Renovation a call.

What We Do

Normally less expensive than actually doing a completely new build-out, commercial remodeling allows you the opportunity to transform and update your space, bringing it into the 21st-century, creating a positive newly refurbished atmosphere. It offers you the ability to add more square footage, or just re-do your existing space within an already constructed framework. 

Commercial remodeling often gets compared with building or office renovation, but these two concepts are completely different. While renovation deals with small and most likely subtle changes within the interior or exterior of a building, remodeling consists of major alterations to the building’s interior and exterior. Alternations that can upgrade, completely change the look, or open up wide areas in which to do business.

At Onsite Construction we can maximize the efficiency of your current space. We can increase the size of your offices, restaurant, hotel, or large corporate building with additions to your property, if building regulations, and zoning allow it. And by investing in remodeling instead of building an entirely new facility, it can maximize the dollars spent on design, materials, and construction by avoiding the need to relocate to a larger property and/or repurpose or construct a new building.

A commercial remodeling project can take a simple or older and worn-out structure and turn it into a brand-new updated showcase for your products and services. Depending on your vision and general idea of what you want your property to look like, and taking your budget into account, our design team can draw up plans, let you know the amount of materials needed, and give you a complete estimate of what the project will cost.

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Who Do You Call in Tampa, Florida?

We’ll come to your location and do a complete initial inspection, including structural integrity, review of the placement of your current wiring, internet/fiber optics, and plumbing systems, placement of new or expanded offices or showrooms, etc., and we’ll estimate the complexity and duration of your remodeling project.

We’ll determine if all or part of your building will remain occupied during construction and if it is, we’ll devise a step-by-step plan to work around employees, customers, maintenance and cleaning crews, etc., including setting up multiple detailed phases of moving people, furnishings, and equipment.

Getting our Onsite design and construction team in place early in the planning stages of your remodel, especially if your building is going to remain occupied during construction, results in creative ideas on how to sequence demolition, renovations, utility, plumbing and wiring relocations, and more. If gives our team a chance to do a complete walk-through and get a full understanding of your workflow. We’ll even make suggestions on how to better steer customer or employee traffic through your space.

Using Existing Framework

Unlike new construction, in a commercial remodeling, your building’s framework already exists. Our team inspects and then determines what and where structures or weight bearing walls need to be, what can be altered, and how best to maintain structural integrity as they move forward with the project.

The new design is then incorporated into the existing framework, creating an updated, refreshed and fully remodeled structure, both inside and out. And obviously, a remodel takes much less time and money than building a completely new place of business. It not only improves and updates the look of your property, it also increases the value of your property and business. And establishments that look good generate more customers, entice better and more qualified employees, and leverage more sales.

Exciting Opportunities

How do you choose between building a completely new commercial structure or re-designing, remodeling, and restoring an existing one? These two scenarios provide you with some exciting opportunities. Are you changing locations? Do you want to demolish your existing structure? Do you own another piece of land to move your business to? Budget, of course, plays a major role in your decision-making process. So does your desired completion date. With supply chain shortages, do you have a completion date in mind that might be two years away? Yes, starting over just may take up to two years.

Re-designing and remodeling, on the other hand, can help you bring your business out of the “dark ages”. You can repurpose offices and spruce up lobbies or reception areas. You can add light, function and real breathing room to your building, open closed-in spaces, and you can declutter storage and filing areas. A beautiful, updated workspace can maximize employee interaction, collaboration, and communication, fostering and encouraging creativity, productivity, and growth. It also could reduce employee turnover.

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Commercial remodeling gives you the chance to spruce up and maximize your business, add more light—both natural and artificial, increase open space, and to totally revise the physical floor plan within your building space. It also gives you the chance to refresh the exterior and bring it up to more modern standards, looking clean, organized, and inviting to your current and potential customers or clients. It can maximize your space and enhance the look and feel of your company.

“Perception is reality” in marketing. In business, the look and feel of your building is the first thing potential customers and clients see. It’s your only chance to make a positive “first impression.” By creating a brand-new look for your business, by adding better lighting, colors, and more modern display, lobby, or reception areas, you’ll attract more business and boost your brand. The right design, time-tested remodeling craftsmen, a better layout, uncomplicated and uncluttered traffic flow can all lead to longer time spent within your business and drive greater sales. It can even help you upsell a customer or client.

Remodeling can also provide more energy-efficient systems throughout your building. It can reduce your monthly costs of doing business, improve air quality, conserve energy, and contribute to protecting our environment. Our energy-efficient designs can be easily incorporated into your remodeling plans right from the start. We can do a little or a lot, energy-efficiency or total conversion to a green business.

Commercial remodeling is a fantastic chance for you to boost your property’s safety protocols as well. The Onsite Construction design team is well-versed in regulatory safety and OSHA standards and can offer expert advice on how to keep your customers and employees out of harm’s way.

What Does Onsite Construction do in Commercial Remodeling?

With over 17 years of experience working with business owners—both large and small– in the Tampa Bay area, we have the solution for all your commercial remodeling project needs. Our commercial remodeling services include full office redesign, lighting and rewiring, flooring and office reconstruction, interior and exterior remodeling and updating.
In addition, we can:

  • Make creative design recommendations for improvements over and above the vision of the owners
  • Remove office cubicles, creating an open office environment that fosters a better flow of communications, builds trust among employees, improves collegial interactions, and encourages team building

  • Modify dining rooms in restaurants to reflect social distancing, changes in floor plans, re-branding and updating tired or worn-out dining areas

  • Redesign bathrooms or industrial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and office buildings
  • Install more cost-effective HVAC systems, update to environmentally safe and energy-efficient appliances
  • Revamp, update or replace building wiring and communication system wiring
  • Repurpose unused closets, storage spaces or dressing rooms
  • Ensure ADA compliance by restructuring current building designs, entrances and exits
  • Evaluate building safety code and OSHA compliance both inside and outside of the structure

Steps of our Commercial Remodeling

  • Get the owner’s input for planning and design of the interior and exterior structure
  • Create and get the design blueprint approved
  • Get input from our engineering staff
  • Provide a “laundry list” of materials needed, cost estimate, including cost of labor
  • Build a timeline
  • Purchase all materials
  • Repair any structural and framework damages
  • Move, demolish, rebuild the “bones” of the space
  • Build out to design specs
  • Finish building process and get final approval
  • Clean up and remove debris

Onsite Exceeds Expectations

At Onsite Construction, we exceed expectations. Our team believes in quality craftsmanship, professionalism, and timely service.
If you want to remodel and upgrade your commercial space, construct new showrooms in your current space, add workspaces or offices, especially if you occupy any of the historic buildings in the Tampa, FL area, commercial remodeling is the perfect option for you.

If you want to avoid the lengthier alternative of purchasing a new structure or starting from scratch, we can take your current space, upgrade, and modernize it, restore countertops, floors, and other surfaces, bring old wood back to life, add features that deliver more outside light, lift ceilings, expose beams, and so much more. Onsite can provide you with endless choices. And we promise you’ll love the results.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a hotel or restaurant manager, or the CEO of a large corporation in the Tampa area, remodeling your office or your whole building has never been easier and more convenient. Proudly veteran-owned, and with 15 years in the business, Onsite Construction is one of the most respected building contractors serving the Tampa Bay area. Our licensed and experienced project managers specialize in commercial remodels. Our expert commercial remodeling team combines many years of experience with first-rate customer service to deliver quality results that are within your budget, adhere to your timeline, and showcase your business.

Won’t you give us a call today and allow us to do an inspection and offer a free quote for our remodeling services? You can reach us at: (813) 534-5821 or stop by our offices at 1305 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607. Visit our website at: bradh48.sg-host.com
We’ll be waiting for your call.

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Call Us At (813) 213-0482 For An On Site Consulation
Jumpstart Your Permit Process With Us, Break Ground In 2 Months

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