March 16, 2022

Things to Consider When Remodeling a Bathroom

So, you’re planning a home reno? This is likely your first big renovation (luckily it’s not ours). If you are planning a remodeling of your bathroom, knowing what to expect can make a difference. We’re not talking a weekend-reno type of home refresh, these are for the total gut job bathrooms…

Prepare for your reno with these tips from our pros!

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Creating a Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Whether you’re working with a licensed contractor or trying to DIY, the price tag for a bathroom remodeling project can be surprising to many homeowners.

Before tackling a bathroom remodeling project, keep your expectations in check and ask yourself how much money you are willing to invest. The size of your bathroom, the materials you use, and the quality of the contractor you hire will affect the overall cost of your project. Just in case, have a hefty contingency budget to make sure you don’t have budget-busting surprises come up later.

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Stay on the Same Page

Never assume that everyone working on your project is on the same page – especially if you’re trying to act as your own GC. You’ll want to get a good expectation of what’s included in your bathroom renovation. Make sure that everything is agreed upon with your contractor before the demolition and reconstruction begin.

When it comes to the bathroom, you’ll have many design decisions to make, from tile to mirrors to fixtures. If you make a design change, let your contractor know. There may be extra costs or delays you weren’t aware of.  

With Onsite, we will be with you every step of the way through the design phase, demo, and build-out! We guarantee our work and offer personal attention that is rare in our industry today. We’ll stay on the same page throughout this big bathroom reno, give us a call.

You May Want to Rethink That Statement Tub

Are you tempted to upgrade your bathtub to a dramatic freestanding or clawfoot tub? They do look amazing! But it may not be practical if you take showers more than baths, hate cleaning, or are petite (the tubs are sometimes raised a few inches off the floor, making it more challenging for shorter people or children).  

If a freestanding tub is a must, an open shower can be a perfect complement. Our contractors will ensure that the open shower design allows for optimal drainage to prevent water damage. If you forgo the freestanding tub, built-in bathtubs offer convenience and are easier to clean, especially if you have kids who like to splash in the tub!  

There are many options available; we’ll help you find a beautiful, sophisticated bathtub that will match your design aesthetic & needs. With us, you’ll get the look you love for your dream bathroom.  

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Flattering Light Requires Planning

Lighting can make or break a bathroom. Flattering lighting requires thoughtful planning and placement.  

Installing a diffuse light in the center of the room will bring soft but adequate brightness to the space. A bathroom with ample natural light might be nicely illuminated with a pair of wall sconces.  

If you apply makeup in the bathroom, consider installing vertical light fixtures on each side of the mirror to give you adequate light.  

Don’t Make Storage an Afterthought

If you want a serene and well-functioning space instead of a cluttered one, it all comes down to storage. When designing a bathroom, look for storage opportunities, even small, simple ones. Make storage feel as integrated as possible.  

A couple of tall, shallow cabinets offers generous space, and a recess in the shower and integrated towel bars can add storage without losing that high-end feel.  

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Choose Durable Tile

Choose tile that is hardy, long-lasting, and timeless. Opt for porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, or subway tile in the shower, floor, and walls.

Picking a tile you love will be simpler when you whittle the options down to these time-tested looks. Choose a color family first then the shape, and go from there!  

Splurge on a Few High-End Looks

Don’t just focus on the least expensive materials. Splurging on a few high-end finishes can make your space feel luxurious and can enhance your home’s resale value should you ever move.  

As you design your bathroom, consider luxury materials for your wall and floor coverings, countertops, and fixtures. You might find that adding one or more of these sophisticated materials to a small area is within your budget.  

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Remodel Your Bathroom with Onsite

Ready to remodel your bathroom into a streamlined, plush oasis? Our team at Onsite Construction has the expertise to take your bathroom reno from a vision to reality!

From beautiful beach condos to a craftsman full of character even an ornate Victorian-style home, call Onsite Construction at (813) 579-5789 to start designing your dream bathroom today.