June 22, 2023

Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom: Ideas and Inspiration

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work, grabbing a glass of wine and submerging yourself in a bubble bath, surrounded by candles, soft music and peace and quiet.  Ahhhh.

Creating a spa-like atmosphere in your master bathroom can be achieved with some careful planning, consulting and hiring the right contractor, and by doing some research on what to add…or remove…to bring a sense of relaxation and comfort to your bathroom.  There’s nothing like having a in-home spa!

In part, creating a spa-like bathroom first consists of taking a thorough, unbiased look at what the room looks like now.  Are the countertops cluttered and closets bursting at the seams? Is the mirror old-fashioned and out of date?  Does it need a splash of color?  Some plants?  Bright new towels?

These are things that can be easily fixed.  But how about the bathtub and shower?  Are they a throwback to the tiny shower-within-the-tub 60s and 70s?  Are the faucets dull, rusty, or old and outdated?  Is the bathroom just a functional room, rather than a sanctuary where you can find solitude and retreat from your everyday activities and worries?

There are many ways to remodel and upgrade a bathroom.  From changing out the fixtures, to adding heated towel racks, to putting in a jacuzzi tub, a vanity, and more.

So, let’s look at some of the easier ways first.

  • Install a new shower head.  There are so many kinds of shower heads available on the market today.  And every one of them, even those that are eco-friendly water savers, are designed with air-induction systems that create a strong water flow.  You have your choice of:
  • Water-saving shower heads.
  • Adjustable and detachable shower heads.
  • A rain shower head that mimics a relaxing outdoor rain shower.
  • Waterfall shower head.
  • Filtered shower heads.
  • High pressure shower heads.
  • To choose which one is right for you, you need to consider cost, shower size and height, the water pressure in your home, and whether you want to consider installing a shower head that reduces your use of water, while keeping the water pressure the same.
  • Bring the outdoors inside.  Most spas have natural plants placed around the rooms, bringing a sense of nature and calmness.  You can do the same thing.  Add some orchids, philodendrons, or ferns for a colorful green addition (plants love the humidity from the shower).  If your bathroom has a window, open it up so that light streams into the room.  There are many types of translucent blinds so that your privacy is not compromised.  And the natural light will do both you and your plants some good.
  • Stockpile and stack colorful, plush bath towels.  Yes, towels can be used as decoration.  You see them either stacked or rolled in decorative piles at your local spa.  Why not do the same in your bathroom?  Mix and max patterns and colors.  Add a basket for wash clothes or hand towels.  Get some scented soaps.
  • Add framed pictures.  Who says pictures should only be in living rooms, bedrooms, or dens?  You can match the colors within the pictures to tie-in your wall color, the color of the towels, or countertops.  And pictures add character to your bathroom.
  • Re-paint your bathroom walls.  Use soft, soothing, lowkey colors.  Right now, earth tones are in.  We’ve moved past the bright reds and blues, away from the 50 shades of gray, and into a more soothing, peaceful color palette.  You can use other decorative pieces to add spark and personality to the room.  
  • How about some slip-resistant throw rugs on the floors.  Not only is this safer when walking with bare, wet feet, it can also help to bring all the decorative colors together so that your spa-like bathroom looks fabulous!
  • Add ornamental shelves and fill them with candles, meaningful knickknacks from your family travels, and incense sticks and jars or oil diffuser.  Lavender, patchouli, and chamomile are just three of many scents that promote relaxation, a sense of well-being, and calm.  
  • Get rid of the mess.  Declutter your countertops.  Clean out your closets, drawers, and under-sink cabinets.  There’s nothing worse than piling bottles, brushes, make-up, shaving items, or various other toiletries one on top of the other.  You can put them away—neatly—behind closed doors.  Use a medicine cabinet, get drawer dividers, pick up some standalone shelving racks.  But declutter now!
  • And last, but not least of the easy ways to change up your bathroom, throw out and update your toiletries, prescriptions, and over-the-counter drugs.  Did you know that makeup is perishable and should be replaced every six months to a year? Makeup sponges should be replaced every three to four months, and moisturizers have an expiration date for a reason.  Old prescriptions should be thrown out.  And over-the-counter tablets should also be removed, as well.

Now, let’s get to some of the more complex ways to create a spa-like bathroom in your home.  It’s all about using key design ideas, opening up spaces, and adding spa-like materials like bamboo, marble, and stone.

Take a good, long look at your bathroom.  When you’re considering a renovation or remodel of your bathroom think about every fixture, wall, faucet, shower head, toilet, countertops, mirrors and more!

A renovation or remodel of your bathroom should include additional storage space.  More under-the-counter cabinets, drawers, linen closets, and maybe even a space for you to sit down and just relax.

You can refinish or replace your shower and/or tub.  Add a standalone bathtub and make it a jacuzzi.  Install seamless glass paneling on your shower.  Add a second shower head. Install a second sink.  Replace the vent covers. Put up tiling on the bathtub wall, beadboard around the bottom half of the other walls, or paint the cabinets and walls a different color.  

Researching, determining your budget, and then hiring a construction company comes first.  You’ll want a builder that sees your vision.  A contractor that can provide you with a detailed, itemized list of costs, materials, and one that gives you a timeline for your remodeling.

You’ll need to determine where you want fixtures moved to or if they will stay in the same place but upgraded.  What do you want the focal point to be when you first walk into your bathroom?  How about a look of luxury, warmth, and calm?  Want to replace the flooring?  Look for nonslip tiles or hardwood. 

How about a hanging chandelier?  Or under-the-counter “mood” lighting.  If you have enough square footage, you can section off the toilet to a separate room.  Hang a personal magnifying mirror on one side, near the sink.  Add more electrical outlets.  Put Duette shades on the windows to let light inside, while preserving your privacy.  

Once your budget and design plan are in place, and once your builder has set a start date, you’ll need to begin moving all non-fixed accessories out of the bathroom so that your builder can work more easily.  Take anything out of the bathroom that you’re not replacing.  And make sure your builder hangs a plastic sheet or tarp on the doorway to keep the rest of your home free from construction dust.

If you’re tearing down walls, this is the perfect time to consider bath, shower, and toilet grab bars while the wall is open, and the studs are showing.  You may not need them now, but you might in the future.  Plus, they add value if you ever want to sell your home. 

Putting in new flooring?  Tile, hardwood, or pre-finished engineered wood flooring

works best in Florida.  It’s easy to keep clean, sturdy and long-lasting, resistant to scratching, and impervious to moisture if sealed properly.  And it looks very classy and sophisticated.  

If you’re installing a new tub or shower, you’ll have to bring in a plumber either to add or reroute water pipes and install new shower heads. An electrician can install more outlets for convenience or hang a new light fixture.  Your contractor will either supply these additional craftsmen for you, or you can choose your own.  Most contractors, however, have a team of plumbers, electricians, designers, and architects that they can call upon for their building, renovating, or remodeling projects.

Need inspiration?  Go online and search for spa-like bathroom ideas.  You have thousands upon thousands of websites at your fingertips with ideas for how to renovate or remodel a bathroom, complete with pictures, and even some do-it-yourself decorating ideas.  Tear pictures out of magazines.  Visit local spas.  Do whatever it takes to bring your vision to life.

Of course, your contractor will pull all the necessary permits, get the approvals, schedule the inspections, and guarantee their work.  And in the end, having a professional contractor create a spa-like bathroom in your home will not only add to its value, but it will give you a “happy place to retreat to after a long day,” one that will refresh you, calm you, and help to make you whole once again, ready to start another day.