March 16, 2022

Custom Carpentry: Wall Paneling, Bookcases, and Fireplaces

Feel like your home is missing something?

Custom carpentry features can fix that.

With custom carpentry, your home will have unique features that add a special feel.From wainscoting to fireplaces to built-in shelving units and more, all of these features will upgrade your home and may even add value to it.

Wall Paneling

Wall with Shiplap

Two of the most popular wall paneling styles are shiplap and wainscoting.(Trending for 2020)Shiplap adds a subtle change, and it looks great in modern or contemporary homes. Shiplap looks great in all areas of the home whether it’s the living room, bathroom, or an accent wall in a bedroom.When it comes to wainscoting, the options are endless. The height of the wainscoting will affect how it appears in your home. The most popular height is about 1/3 of the wall height, but sometimes, people choose to go with shoulder height or even covering the entire wall for an elegant, traditional look. There are also different styles of wainscoting. The traditional picture frame style wainscoting and board and batten are the most popular options.

Not sure which wall paneling will look the best in you home? Contact our contractor!  We are here to help!

Built-in Shelving

built-in shelving in family room

Want to build the ultimate entertainment center? Consider built-in shelving to surround your living room TV. Need more kitchen storage? Built-in shelving can fix that and will help your home look more elegant and organized.Having your shelving built in as part of the structure of your home makes it appear more polished as opposed to buying separate furniture pieces for storage. Another benefit of built in shelving, is that it takes advantage of any unused spaces, and turns it into a useful space, so that no area of your home is wasted.

Schedule a consultation with us! Our contractor will ensure proper measurements and quality craftsmanship for your built-in shelving.


(YES! Homeowners still have fireplaces in Florida.)

contemporary fireplace

Get the fireplace of your dreams by opting for a customized one that matches your home’s style. Whether you’re going for a traditional, elegant look, or something sleek and modern, the fireplace is a focal point of your home that gains a lot of attention, so you’ll want to make sure it is in great condition.Your fireplace area should enhance your home’s aesthetic rather than creating an eye sore. The fireplace area is where your family likely gathers at a lot and may even take photos by during holidays, so a custom fireplace is a great upgrade to consider for your home.

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