March 16, 2022

Warning: The Dangers of Letting Smoke Damage Go Untreated

Damage from fire and smoke can cause permanent destruction to your property and your belongings if not treated promptly.

It is important to act quickly so you can minimize the impact of the fire. Damage from smoke can begin to set in within hours, and with prolonged exposure, there can be irreversible damage. Hiring a professional fire restoration company, like Onsite Restoration, will immediately help mitigate any potential damage.  

Letting It Linger

Smoke is a harmful combination of particles and gases. Letting this linger in your home can be very harmful to your family’s health. When you breathe in smoky air, it can inflame both your lungs and airways blocking proper oxygen absorption.  

For those with underlying health issues, allergies, and asthma, it’s even more imperative that the fire and smoke clean-up happens as soon as possible.  

Dangers of Untreated Smoke Damage

If left untreated, smoke and fire damage can be devastating and dangerous. Here are three reasons to not let smoke damage go untreated:

Soot Deposits

One of the first steps of fire clean-up is neutralizing soot residuals and deposits. If soot deposits are left for too long, the soot can easily travel and penetrate other areas of the home that were not affected by the fire or smoke damage.

Soot deposits can stain walls, carpet, furniture, drapes, clothing, and other household items. With fast attention and a thorough deep-cleaning, you can generally restore your home’s contents back to pre-loss condition.  

Restoration Cost Increases

The longer it takes for fire restoration to start, the more expensive the restoration cost will likely be. The damages left by the smoke, if untreated, will get worse and more difficult to deal with and restore as time passes.

The smoke odor will also become more persistent and harder to neutralize. A professional restoration company will have to work harder to make the treatment process more effective thus the process more time-consuming and ultimately a little more expensive.  

Many homeowners will have our pros work with their insurance company or loss adjuster to get as much of the repair costs covered as possible, and of course, properly repair the fire and smoke damage.

Extensive Property Damage

Depending on the extent of the fire (or smoke), you or firefighters may have had to spray water on the house to extinguish the flames. When smoke and ash mix with water it produces an extremely corrosive element.

Once mixed with water, this corrosive substance can start corroding walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces in your home. Our certified restoration specialists at Onsite Restoration will use proper cleaning tools and techniques as well as appropriate chemicals to remove smoke and ash debris.

Don’t attempt to clean ash from your belongings or home with water. You could make the damage worse.

Don’t Let Smoke Damage Go Untreated

We repeat…do NOT let smoke damage go untreated. After a house fire, you need to seek out professional smoke mitigation and removal treatment immediately. Not only will this save you and your family from the short and long-term effects of smoke exposure, but it will also make it easier to restore your home.  

Trying to clean up after all the emotions of the fire is not something you should DIY. No matter the time of day, contact Onsite Restoration at 813-579-5789. We are passionate about restoring properties after a fire; allow our certified technicians to do the work for you!