March 16, 2022

Design Spotlight: Mid-Century Modern Home Renovation

The timelessness, minimalism, and comfort of the mid-century modern movement rose into popularity as post-World War II designers and architects dreamt to build beautiful structures that would last. They intersected mass production and the technologies of the day with a hopeful and sustainable vision for the future. 

So what exactly qualifies as this design style? 

Think clean lines, light or medium wood tones, organic curves, and minimal ornamentation. This design style blends contemporary chicness with the effortless beauty of the outdoors. With this style, less is more but still cozy. 

Discover the characteristics of a mid-century modern home. Here’s inspiration to design your dream sweet escape with Onsite Construction.

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What is Mid-Century Modern Design? 

After Cara Greenberg released her 1984 book, Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s, she unintentionally coined the term. Although its popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, the mid-century modern trend is far from going out of style. 

It’s easy to see why with sleek lines juxtaposed with natural curves. It may look simple, but everything in mid-century modern designs is intentional

Materials & Textures

Mid-century modern designers were determined to create long-lasting items and prioritized quality over quantity in a space. High-quality furniture and architecture require premium materials. Using contradicting textures from the various materials used in a space is a typical feature of a mid-century modern room. 

Influenced by Scandinavian design, teak was preferred for its richness in color and durability, but rosewood and oak woods were also commonly used to make pieces like tables, cabinets, and desks.  

Mid-century modern designers by no means felt restricted to teak or oak, and often incorporated the following materials into their work: 

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Bamboo
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Reno Inspo Idea: Add a teak or bamboo accent wooden panel wall to bring more of a mid-century aesthetic to your home. Emulate the textures of a forest, bringing the outdoors in.

Ready for the total home renovation that will launch you into the design of the past? Envision and build your 50s inspired dream right here in Tampa Bay! Chat with us for a free consultation. 

Organic Lines

Clean lines and curves, as well as smooth surfaces, show that simplicity rules in mid-century modern design. The heavy ornamented pieces of the past were replaced by simple and light furniture in larger open spaces with large windows. To bring the outdoors in, we can add large sliders that will let light in without decreasing your view. 

One of the most notable features of a typical mid-century modern home is the iconic flat plane roof. When incorporating mid-century modern design into your home, use a combination of organic and geometric shapes to help blend the home with the surrounding natural surrounding landscape. 

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Bring Nature Inside

The philosophy of mid-century modern style was a sustainable approach to design, blurring the boundaries between the home and the environment. 

Bringing natural elements—such as raw materials for building—indoors can help emulate this timeless style. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors can provide a view of the yard and a heap of access points to the outdoors, also capturing the sun’s energy to brighten and heat the home. 

Another easy way to create a mid-century modern feel is to incorporate plenty of houseplants into your design. Even one or two large statement plants can completely transform the energy of your space. Our team at Onsite Construction can help you redesign a space, incorporating giant windows so you and all of your houseplants get plenty of light. Call (813) 579-5789 for a design quote!

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Function Over Form

As mid-century modern design (like us) prioritizes quality over quantity, it also emphasizes function over form. Beauty is in simplicity in this iconic style. Oftentimes, the most basic architectural components are the most powerful. Both minimal and functional, design elements are built to last and in doing so stand the test of time.  

Simplicity rules in mid-century modern design. The power of basic yet durable and functional architectural elements stand the test of time.

Minimal Decor

Once your custom renovation is complete, you must decorate to match the natural and minimal essence of mid-century architecture. 

Apart from a few statement plants or sculptures, the mid-century modern style tends to have very minimal clutter or ornamentation. Smaller trinkets and items that are not frequently used or deeply admired should be kept out of sight.

Instead, the details are found through architectural choices such as changes in elevation and depth. Small steps separating the living room and kitchen, partial walls, or cabinets with varying heights can have a subtle yet dramatic visual impact. 

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Earthy Colors

Using a combination of neutrals and bright pops of color as an accent, homes also reflect the colors of their surrounding environments. The traditional mid-century palette ranged from brighter colors in the earlier 50s to warmer, earth tones in the 60s, so there is a range of colors to add your personal flavor to the room.

Greens, browns, and white with a pop of bright orange or blue are lovely and soothing color combinations for the mid-century modern room. Paint and wallpaper or an accent rug are great ways to bring color into your mostly neutral space.

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Travel Back in Time with Onsite Construction 

The mid-century modern trend is a timeless design that is perfect for nearly any lifestyle. Its soothing and nurturing warmth shows the strength of simplicity and the consonance of blending with our natural environment. 

If you are feeling called to the mid-century modern style for your next home renovation, you need to find the right team to help you with your vision. Our team at Onsite Construction wants to help you see your new space come to life! 

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