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Why You Should Never Try A DIY Home Renovation

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They make it look so easy on TV. Good looking men and women spokespeople. Tearing out cabinets, taking down walls, hanging a ceiling fan, remodeling a bathroom. Trust us, it’s not that simple. In fact, Do-It-Yourself renovation or remodeling can quickly become a disaster. An expensive and time-wasting disaster. 

Our team at Onsite Construction in Tampa, is not trying to cast shade on any of your construction talents or bruise your ego, but well, we’ve seen too many projects go terribly wrong. We’ve had to handle “do-overs” all too often. And that only adds to the original cost of your project. And it takes a lot more time. Tackling a home renovation or remodeling project requires more than a good eye for design on paper. It’s not just the ability to match or coordinate colors, shapes, and sizes. 

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You also need to understand how various parts of a kitchen or bathroom fit together. You might need to know how to read your original blueprints. You may even have to do some math, so everything is sized correctly. As the professionals say, you’ll need to “measure twice, cut once.” When something goes wrong with a DIY project, the best-case scenario is having to pay a licensed professional to come out and fix the problem. 

The worst case? It could mean property damage or loss, devaluation of your home, serious injury, or worse. So, before you strap on your fancy new tool belt, take out your nifty auto lock tape measure, and put on your safety glasses (you do have safety glasses, don’t you?), let’s go through some salient reasons to leave your renovation or remodeling projects to the
pros at Onsite Construction:

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DIY will most likely cost you less, but in the long run, it could cost you more.

  • Unless you have the carpentry skills and construction experience to
    renovate or remodel rooms in your home, you might make some very
    costly mistakes that can only be fixed by a skilled contractor or carpenter.
    That costs money on top of the money you’ve already spent. Anywhere
    from $30 to $125 an hour in fact.
  • You don’t have the equipment or tools.
    • It’s not just hammers and nails. You’ll need an entire chest of specialty
      tools. Here’s a fairly comprehensive list to start with:
      • Tape measure
      • String line
      • Chalk line
      • Level
      • Utility knife
      • Hammer
      • Screwdrivers
      • Hand saw
      • Pry bar
      • Circular saw
      • Miter saw
      • Miter box
      • Drill with different sized bits
      • Table saw
      • Planer
      • Framing nailer gun
      • Roofing nailer gun
      • Siding nailer gun
      • Finish nailer gun
      • Tile saw
      • Flooring nailer or glue
      • Oh yes, and safety glasses
  • You don’t have the knowledge or necessary skills.
    • Where are the electrical wires? Pipes for plumbing? Bearing walls?
      Heating/AC ducts? Sewage pipes?
    • Do you have the physical strength to do this project?
    • How’s your eyesight? Hand eye coordination?
    • Do you have the dexterity and strength?
    • Do you know and understand any of these terms?
      • Ampere
      • Joist
      • Batten
      • Bearing partition
      • Anchor bolt
      • Board foot
      • Cantilever
      • Coffered ceiling
      • Cross bracing
      • Jamb

If the answer is “no” or “maybe one or two”, we suggest you give us a call. Right away. We mean today!

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  • You don’t have the time.
    • You have a full-time career?
    • A family? Kids? Dogs?
    • You enjoy a social life?
    • You like to have family and friends over for the holidays?
    • You enjoy “downtime?”
    • You like to travel?

Case closed! Renovation and remodeling take time. Lots and lots of time. You’ll have time for nothing else until the project is completed. Think carefully about this before you commit to starting (and finishing) this venture.

  • Permits, permits, and more permits, oh my!
    • You can, of course, apply for your own permits before you start your
      renovation or remodeling project. But contractors and builders better
      understand and have experience in what permits are needed, and they will
      most likely have an easier time navigating the inevitable bureaucracy and
      red tape and the city building and zoning departments.
    • A professional builder is also better qualified to handle building inspectors.
      We know the rules and we follow them, making it easier for you to get
      inspectors to sign off on the project and get back to your life.
  • A DIY renovation or remodel could affect the value of your home.
    • Done poorly, a renovation or remodeling project can severely affect not
      only the value of your home, but its look as well. This is not something for
      an amateur to take on. Uneven joints, doors that don’t fit tightly, floors that
      are not level, a nail put through a water pipe. These are just some of the
      disasters that we’ve had to repair
    • With a professionally renovated or remodeled kitchen, flooring or
      bathroom, your home can realize a return on investment of up to 78%…if
      done correctly. Do you want to take a chance on losing that ROI by doing
      it yourself?
    • What else could go wrong?
      • “Hot” wires hidden in the walls equal a fire hazard
      • The wrong outlets used in the kitchen or bathrooms
      • Not enough lighting
      • Cheap sink faucets or door handles that easily break
      • Exposed pipes or wires
      • Obvious drywall seam lines
      • Badly done intersections of countertop or door frames
      • Visible and uneven caulk lines
      • Badly aligned crew heads on electrical faceplates
      • And more…

When it comes to home interior renovations and remodeling, including custom carpentry, floors, additions, enlargement of rooms, the options and styles are endless! When the question is: “Should I try do-it-yourself with this project?” or “should I professionally upgrade my home and increase its value?” The answer is obvious. Onsite Construction, with an outstanding 17-year track record in Tampa, Florida and surrounding communities, is the company to call.

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