March 16, 2022

Energy Efficient Homes: Options to Consider for Your Custom Home Build or Home Remodel

If you’re interested in saving money while reducing your impact on the environment, then making your home energy efficient is an ideal option for you. When speaking with one of our Tampa contractors about your custom home build or home remodel, tell them that you want to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Our construction contractors in Tampa will surely assist you with selecting energy efficient options for your home. Below we’ve provided just a few of the many features to consider when creating an energy efficient home.

Low VOC Paint

House Wrap

High Efficiency HVAC System

Water Efficient Fixtures

Smart Home Features

Energy efficient upgrades to a current home can also be financed through PACE.

Onsite Restoration is a certified PACE contractor. Click here to learn more about financing your energy efficient home remodeling project!

Low VOC Paint

Low VOC paint

Using low VOC paint will improve your home’s air quality. This is because low VOC paint does not release the dangerous fumes that other paints have.

Paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr (just to name a few) have special products with paint low VOC.

At the time of your initial consultation, you can let our contractor know that you want a low VOC paint for your home. There are lots of color options available!

House Wrap

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When building an energy efficient home, the housewrap you choose is very important. Selecting a high-quality house wrap, such as Dupont Tyvek, is used in energy efficient homes because it protects against harsh UV rays, and it is very durable.

Dupont Tyvek house wrap also promotes insulation effectiveness while decreasing water damage risk.

As a custom home builder in the Tampa area, we are familiar with Florida’s harsh storms and high humidity. Having a high-quality house wrap is a must for any home builder in Florida.

High Efficiency HVAC System

At first, you may be hesitant to upgrade your HVAC system to something of higher efficiency because of the higher price point, but the higher initial cost will save you money in the long run.

Using an energy efficient HVAC system will reduce your energy usage and lower your electricity bill. Living in Florida, we know how hot it can get in the summer and how warm it can be year-round. Our Contractor can assist you with picking out the right unit for your home.

HVAC systems are a covered upgrade under PACE financing. Find out if your property is eligible!

Water Efficient Fixtures

water efficient fixtures in bathroom

There are a wide range of water efficient fixtures to choose from to incorporate into your home. Just like a new HVAC system can save you money on your energy bill, water efficient fixtures can save you money on your water bill!

You may choose to add water efficient toilets into your home which will use less water when flushing. Moreover, reducing your shower heads and sinks flow rates will also use less water making your home more energy efficient.

Onsite Construction exceeds expectations. We want you, our client, to be fully satisfied with your new home build or home remodel. Our reputation with our past clients is proof that we pay attention to detail!

Smart Home Features

Incorporating smart home features such as a smart thermostat and smart appliances for example, will make your home more energy efficient. Smart home features reduce your energy usage by only using as much energy as is needed, or as much energy that you want to use.

For instance, a smart thermostat will set temperatures either higher or lower according to the weather which will result in savings on your energy bill. Check out our, “Smart Home Features to Incorporate in Your Build” blog to learn more about smart home features.

How Onsite Can Help You Create an Energy Efficient Home

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When building your custom home or remodel, Onsite wants the client involved as much as they wish to be in their project. Therefore, all lines of communication are open when discussing your new home construction or custom home remodel.

If you’re interested in an energy efficient home, Onsite will assist you with deciding which options you want to incorporate into your home from years of experience, or you can work with our interior designer. We also use high-quality, local materials that reduce our carbon footprint.

If you’re ready to make your home more energy efficient and start saving money on your utility bills, contact us for your initial consultation!