March 16, 2022

Flooring Trends of 2020: Completely Transform Your Home With These Ideas

Ready to get rid of your outdated flooring and opt for one of the trending flooring options of 2020? We’ve got some suggestions for you to make your decision easier. Whether you want to change all of the flooring in your home or just want to upgrade one area, new flooring can completely change the look of your home while adding value to it.

Some different flooring options:

Wood-look Porcelain Tile

Black & White Flooring

Waterproof Vinyl Planks

Large Tile Flooring

Looking for something other than what is listed here? Give us a call! Our contractors in your area can show you plenty of flooring options!

Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

wood-look tile flooring

Engineered flooring options have increased in popularity recently, and you can still get that classic wood-look with the durability of porcelain.Wood-look porcelain tile is scratch resistant and less prone to wear and tear which makes it an excellent option if you want your floors to last for years to come.Not certain on the color of flooring you want throughout your home? Let’s get you connected with our interior designer!Our designer helps you pick out the smallest of details to the perfect color schemes. Contact Us!

Black & White Flooring

Black & white flooring is commonly seen in smaller areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Adding wood-look porcelain tile in your living room and bedrooms while adding black & white flooring in your bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen will give you the best of both worlds.Black and white flooring comes in a wide range of styles, so that it can complement anyone’s home style.No matter the style of flooring you choose, you can trust that Onsite Construction exceeds expectations! Take a look at our past projects.

Waterproof Vinyl Planks

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Compared with laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is similar in price, but it is more durable. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring can look almost identical to real hardwood flooring, and it is a great option to incorporate in the kitchen and bathroom because of its water resistance.Our skilled Tampa contractors pay attention to detail and aim for excellence. You are not looking for a second rate construction company, you are looking for the best! Our testimonials prove that we are the best General Contracting company in the Tampa Bay Area!

Large Tile Flooring

Large tiles make your home look more modern, and they are also easier to maintain because there are less grout lines. Large format tiles can be as small as 12 by 12’s or as large as 40 by 120, it all depends on the look you’re going for.A great feature of going with tile flooring is that your color choices are endless!Our team of professionals are eager to speak with you about your upcoming home remodeling project. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Ready For New Flooring?

Have these ideas inspired you to get started on a flooring project for your home? Let Onsite Construction take care of it for you!Our project managers will assist you with finding the perfect flooring option for your style and price range. We consist of a team of experts and have over 14 years of experience. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations and providing quality craftsmanship.We have residential contractors ready to assist you through your remodeling project from start to finish in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St. Pete Beach, Riverview, and Ruskin.Contact us today to get started! 813-579-5789 /