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Framing Contractors

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Onsite Framing services involve the creation of the skeletal framework of buildings or structures. This framework, typically made of wood or metal, serves as the structural support for walls, floors, and roofs. Our framing team works closely with architects and builders to interpret blueprints and construct the framework according to specifications. 

Framing Contractors


wall framing construction

Wall Framing

Constructing the vertical framework of walls, which includes installing studs, headers, and sills. Wall framing provides the structure for interior and exterior walls, dividing spaces within buildings.

floor framing construction

Floor Framing

Building the horizontal framework that supports the weight of floors and provides a stable surface for walking. Floor framing typically involves installing joists, beams, and subflooring materials.

roof framing construction

Roof Framing

Creating the structural support system for roofs, including rafters, trusses, and ridge beams. Roof framing ensures the stability and integrity of the roof structure, which is essential for protecting the building from weather elements.

Window and Door framing construction

Window and Door Framing

Installing the framework around windows and doors, known as rough openings, to accommodate the installation of windows and doors within walls.

Structural Design and Engineering

Structural Design and Engineering

Collaborating with architects and structural engineers to design the framing system according to building codes, load requirements, and structural integrity standards.

materials for framing

Material Selection

Selecting appropriate materials for framing based on project requirements, budget considerations, and environmental factors. Common framing materials include wood (such as dimensional lumber or engineered wood products) and metal (such as steel or aluminum).

Installation Techniques

Installation Techniques

Utilizing various techniques and methods to accurately and efficiently assemble the framing components, ensuring proper alignment, spacing, and structural integrity.

Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Preparing the construction site for framing activities, including site layout, excavation, and installation of foundation components necessary to support the framing structure.

Coordination with Other Trades

Coordination with Other Trades

Collaborating with other construction trades, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors, to ensure that framing work accommodates the installation of utilities within walls, floors, and ceilings.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Conducting quality checks and inspections throughout the framing process to verify compliance with building codes, plans, and specifications, as well as to identify and address any structural issues or deficiencies.

Framing services are a critical phase of the construction process, laying the foundation for the entire structure and providing the framework upon which other building components are installed.

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