March 16, 2022

Have You Experienced Home Fire Damage?

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This is a stressful time. Trust the experienced contractors in Tampa Bay to repair or rebuild your home after a fire. If a fire occurs in your home, it is important to follow these general guidelines to ensure you are safe and your insurance claim is properly filed.
  1. Call your insurance agent
  2. Find a safe place to stay until property is deemed safe
  3. Look into working with your own public adjuster
  4. Hire a local restoration company to clean up debris

Any damage to your home can be devastating, calling Onsite Restoration will put your mind at ease. We will walk you through the steps of fixing your property back to pre-loss condition. 813-892-9009

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company may help with getting you a temporary place to stay, and they will assist with the next steps. The insurance company can determine what kind of coverage you have for fire damage. They are likely to send out their own insurance adjuster to examine the extent of the damage and provide an estimate to repair or replace. Make sure to obtain a fire report. Obtaining a fire report is important because it includes all aspects of the fire such as the time and date of the occurrence along with who was present and more essential information.

Need help with managing your insurance claim? We work with professional public adjusters who can help you through this process. Ask our general contractor for details. 

Stay Out of Your Home Until it is Safe

Keep your family and pets out of your home until professionals say it is safe to return inside. Your home structure may appear to be stable when in reality it’s not. House fires weaken the structural integrity of your home, so it’s better to be safe and stay out of the home until you’re in the clear to return.Fires can also reignite even if they appear to be out. If you need to recover personal belongings from inside, wait until a fire marshal has deemed the property safe.
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Our goal is to help you through this process and assist with relieving some stress. Know that you are in good hands by taking a look at our past client reviews!

Public Adjusters Can Help

A public adjuster is a professional insurance claims handler who advocates for the homeowner or business owner in appraising and negotiating insurance claims. In short, they work for you, not the insurance company. It is the goal of the public adjuster to help get you a fair settlement to repair or replace items back to pre-loss condition. Many public adjusters do not charge the owner directly, they request their services be paid by the insurance carrier.

We know of some great public adjusters who will advocate for you to get your property back to better than pre-loss condition! Just ask us for more information.

Call Professionals to Restore Your Home

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Onsite Restoration specializes in water and fire damage, and we have over 14 years of experience. If you experience fire damage, we will provide you with exceptional service and will value your input when working on your build back. We work with a team of professionals to ensure your restoration or home rebuild exceeds your expectations, and we can also connect you with professionals who can assist you with financing your project! Contact us today to get started: 813-892-9009 or email us at