March 16, 2022

7 Home Renovation Trends That Are Worth The Money

Seriously, worth every penny…Our homes have becomeeverything: our workspace, schools,homegyms, restaurants, and play spaces.Sincepeople are spending more timeat home,manyare investing time and money intomaking their homes more multifunctional, andenjoyable.These 7 home renovationtrends allow our homes to work harderandsmarter. Plus,it will pay off over time…

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1. Home Offices 

Home offices are popping up everywhere—in master bedrooms, spare bedrooms, family rooms, and even by day on kitchen tables.Workplacesare realizing it is working andtheyareallowing employees more freedom than ever before to work from home.Now is the perfect time to make your homework! Adding an office space makes you more productive and gives you a place away from your living space to get things done. Ready to find space in your existing home orbuild anadd on to create the perfect space for your home office, contact our expert contractors and craftsman to make your dreams a reality!

2. Storage 

Havingclutter-freespaceis essential. Look for areas in your home that can be repurposed for built-instorage. Perhapsyou will findan under-appreciated nook that can be converted with cabinets or doorsor an awkward space under the stairs or a window.Maybe you have an oversized closet that can be split into two or organized with better shelving.Everyone homeowner wants storage and this renovation trend will never go out ofstyle.Maximize what spaces you have and add-on as necessary to make your home work for your entire family.

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3. Modern Kitchen Upgrades 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and always a top priority when it comes to living space renovations.Sometimes small switches aren’t enough to make your house function its best. From updating your cabinets to adding a stunning butler’s pantry, to a complete makeover fromtop to bottom,you really cannot go wrong with focusing on your kitchen.Kitchen renovations are our specialty andwe help homeownersimprove the functionality– and feel -of the space.If you are ready to start from scratch, Onsite Construction can assist every step of the way from designing, to choosing high-quality materials, to quality workthat will stand the test of time.

4. Multi-Use Spaces 

Rooms are no longer sitting empty being usedonly when hostingduring the holidays…For years,open concept floor plans have been popular, but there is a shift towards homeowners wantingrooms that canserve more than one purpose.Depending on the room, you canreconfigure the layout by using foldaway walls or modern sliding doors to turn a private study into an open easy-flow entertaining space.Design elements like murphy beds can be added to spare bedrooms so the extra space can be used for workout equipmentor a kid’s playroom.Our design team will make sure that you get the maximum use from your custom, multi-use space. Contact us to schedule your consultation!

5. Siding 

Don’t forget about the outside!One of the easiest ways to make your house feel more up-to-date is to change the entire outside appearance with siding.Maintenance-free siding as the name appliesis little to no upkeep and provides a whole host of benefits compared to other traditional sidings, such as wood.Typically,this siding isacombination ofcement, sand, and cellulosic fibers that will not rot, combust, or attract pests such as termites or carpentry ants.Our licensed building contractors at Onsite Construction can also complete your exterior renovation with new windows and doors.These elements will protect your investment for years to come.

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6. Outdoor Spaces 

Renovating your outdoor space will be a long-lastingandworthwhile investment.In Tampa Bay, indoor/outdoor living is just a part of our daily lives.Entertaining outsideis very popular and having an inviting and functional outside space isimportant. Impress guests by renovating or adding exterior decking, patio pavers, or an outdoor kitchen; this is really where you will make a difference.Then, finish the design withbasic upgrades such as landscaping or lighting. Spend a weekend outside plantingwiththe kidsandhanging festoon lights;you will be amazed by the transformation even with such a little project.

7. Green Technology 

Green technology is taking over nearly every aspect of our homes, inside and out. At Onsite Construction, we love energy-efficient renovations! These final touches add a lot of value and function while reducing monthly utility bills.Here are some green technology items you may consider for your home reno:

  • Changing out light bulbs to LEDs 
  • Adding a programmable thermostat that can be monitored by your phone 
  • Upgrading HVAC system and adding proper insulation 
  • Adding solar panels 

Ready to Renovate? 

There has been a shift in our everyday routines and lifestyles that has forced us to stop and think about our homes in a whole new light.We believe your home is your sanctuary and it should encompass all your unique wants and needs.If youare in the Tampa Bay area andare ready to start with any one of these home renovations trends, contact Onsite Constructionat813-579-5789for a free consultation and estimate.Tight on money? We can help you finance your home renovation project with FHA, Fannie Mae, or a VA loan.