March 16, 2022

Interview With an Interior Designer Tampa: Gail Gibson From Textures LLC

Onsite Construction works with a variety of professionals when completing your project to make the process as exciting as possible. One of the interior designers we work with, Gail Gibson, has been in the furnishing and remodeling business for over 15 years.When it comes to styling your home after a remodel or custom home build, it can be overwhelming deciding how you want your home to look, and you probably have a lot of questions as well.Therefore, we’ve asked Gail from Textures, LLC some questions:

How Would You Describe Your Design Style?

“I personally love neutral palettes, light bright and airy. I find that this gives me a very zen and  relaxing feeling – which is important after a long day of work. I like transitional with clean lines and maybe a touch of modern or something unexpected thrown into the mix.

I always love to  place something feminine in my own personal space as well. I am crazy about textures (hence, the name of my company) wallpapers and plush fabrics.

I sometimes find myself drawn to organic pieces of wood or accessories.”

What are a couple of questions you’d ask to discover your client’s requirements?

“I always ask my clients if they have children or family members that will be living with them and their ages.An important part of the process is finding out why they want to make any changes and what they are wanting to accomplish.I inquire about their budget because it plays a huge role and will help determine if all of their needs and requirements can be met.”

How Do You Help Clients Who Are Unsure of What Their Style Is?

“I often encounter clients who don’t really know what they want.It’s important to know who isliving in the home and if they have anything they like as well as dislike. I also find out how thespace will be utilized. I always ask if they have certain colors that they love and if they have seen anything that they like – whether it’s a painting or a piece of furniture.This helps me todraw out of them what they like and want. Then, I get a sense of their style and start pulling some pictures and/or ideas.”

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“An important part of the process is finding out why they want to make any changes and what they are wanting to accomplish”Gail GibsonInterior Designer; TEXTURES, LLC

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

“There are so many ways to find inspiration for a client.Architectural Digest and Elle Decor are two of my favorite design magazines. Going to the HighPoint furniture market is probably one ofthe best ways to find ideas and resources.I often use my local design center to get started andgo from there. Sometimes, I research on the web to get ideas.I also belong to some FB design groups where we have ongoing discussions and are always looking for new resources and vendors.”

What Defines Luxury Interior Design?

“How your home interior can be made to feel luxurious is highly personal and everyone will have a different opinion of luxury. High-end design feels curated and every element should look as if it has always belonged there.All of the materials must be of superior quality and have durability. Luxury design mixes patterns with colors and textures while maintaining comfort andquality. You will also find some statement art pieces and high end furniture that is often customized.By using some unique and authentic pieces, you can give your home the wow factor.”

Essential Interior Design Features for Florida Homes?

“I always think that open floor plans and neutral colors work well in Florida homes.Since so many people are spending more time in their homes, I think it’s important to have an indoor aswell as outdoor entertaining area.A kitchen island is always nice and creates the open feel.One of the most important features today is a home office space so that someone can work from home comfortably.I would also like to see a large master bathroom with an open shower area to create a more spacious and relaxing feel.”

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“By using some unique and authentic pieces, you can give your home the wow factor.”Gail GibsonInterior Designer; TEXTURES, LLC

What Styles Are Best For Beach Homes?

“Neutral color palettes and crisp whites are perfect for a beach home – giving it a light and airy feeling.Lots of texture is good as well as soft tones and natural light. Basically, a clean aesthetic will give it that relaxed vibe.If it’s a modern coastal home – less is more. You want asimple layout, with fewer accessories and a soothing color palette.”

What Is Your Project Management Style Like?

“I am very hands-on in a project – especially if it is a renovation. It’s very important to be thoroughly organized and communicate regularly with the client as well as the contractor.When doing a renovation project, I always start working with the client before the project starts. We choose the materials in advance and purchase them so that they are here waiting for the project to begin.Often, my clients have a tight schedule or deadline (if they are moving into a place) and I always strive to meet it and make sure that things go smoothly.I find that communication isthe key.”

Which Features Should I Invest the Most In?

“Splurge on the items that will get used the most such as, flooring, the kitchen, kitchen chairsand a sofa.The kitchen is the most utilized and is the heart of your home. Kitchens are usuallythe gathering place in the home as well. A kitchen island is always a good investment andselling point.I also recommend changing out the lighting if it needs to be updated because lighting can set the tone and really transform a space.Look for those statement pieces(including a piece of art, a handmade rug or a mirror) to help create a focal point and a sense of style or personality.”

What Trends Are You Loving Recently?

“I enjoy the earthy palettes and textures but also like the burnt orange and especially thepeacock blues.I love the fact that several of my clients are looking toward the smart lighting systems.The fact that the majority of people are still working from home has put an emphasis on updating the office space and making it a focal point – which can be a lot of fun.”

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“Look for those statement pieces … to help create a focal point and a sense of style or personality.”Gail GibsonInterior Designer; TEXTURES, LLC

What Are Your Favorite Design Elements For a Kitchen Remodel?

“I have always loved a big island especially if my clients like to cook. Plus, it can serve as agreat gathering area.I absolutely love a pretty backsplash that accents the quartz counters. If it’s a more modern look they want, I like to run the quartz up the wall instead of a backsplash.Lighting is key as well as some good looking cabinet hardware.”

What Are Your Favorite Design Elements For a Bathroom Remodel?

“I have always loved a beautiful marble hex or marble penny shower floor because they give a clean and sophisticated look.I would definitely recommend shower niches in every bathroom and shower benches in the master bathroom.I also like the look of the freestanding tub in the shower area with the glass doors separating that whole area.Pretty sconces are a must in amaster bath as well as custom framed mirrors.”

What Design Trends Do You Think Should Make a Come Back?

“I have been drawn to light wood floors lately.It would be nice to see the bold design colorscome back. Blacks and charcoals are always fun as well as dark painted doors.Paneled wallscreate a look of sophistication whether they are painted or stained.I would like to see moretextures, organic woods and natural materials.”

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