March 16, 2022

What It’s Really Like to Live Through a Renovation

Should you stay or should you go during a renovation? What is it really like to live through a gut job?

It is no secret that construction work can be disruptive to a home. It can generate dust and leave key parts of your home like the kitchen or bathrooms unusable for days or weeks. Yes, renovations can interrupt your day-to-day life, but YOU can get in the way of progress too!  

The best possible option to minimize the inconveniences during a renovation is to move out (or not move in if you bought a fixer-upper). But we understand, this is not always an option for everyone.  

So how do you survive a home renovation in one piece? Just call us the gut job experts! Our home renovation pros share what it is really like living through a big remodel.


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The Truth About Renovations

The truth is, renovations can be a big inconvenience and disrupt your life, and no matter how many protective measures are taken, there will be dust.  Before beginning a project keep in mind that construction can affect children and be an issue for adults with health issues such as asthma, allergies, or breathing problems.  

But when you see the result, we promise it will all be worth it!  

Common renovation inconveniences to expect include:

  • Early morning noise
  • Dumpsters for demo
  • Dust, dust, and more dust
  • Lack of privacy
  • Noise (and lots of it)

Remodeling a home built pre-1978?

If your home was built before 1978, the walls could be coated in lead-based paint that can release toxins when the paint is sanded or removed. Thankfully, lead paint was banned in 1978, so if your home was built after that, you will not encounter this issue.  

Toxins can have varying effects. People that have allergies or are immunocompromised should consider avoiding construction site visits. Don’t worry we’ll keep you involved in the design-phase and you’ll get to enjoy the big reno reveal too.  

At Onsite Construction, we take every precaution necessary to ensure that dust from construction isn’t circulated throughout your home. We treat you like family and will protect your health throughout your renovation!

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Questions to Ask Before Renovation Starts

Save yourself some stress and headaches; ask yourself these questions before you begin a renovation:

What Are You Renovating?

Is your project a gut renovation with a builder? Or are you lightly updating a room to become an at-home office? Have a clear idea of what your household’s daily needs are and discuss the work schedule with your contractor to understand how your at-home peace may be compromised.  

A gut renovation can take over your home for weeks to months, so moving out is generally the best option. This allows our construction team to get the work done without working around you and keeps you away from dust and toxins.

Can My Family Live Without Any Sinks?

If you are renovating a space like a kitchen or a bathroom (or everything at the same time!), moving out during the dusty demolition phase is usually recommended. After the demo, the use of your kitchen or bathroom could be off-limits entirely for days or weeks while work is completed.  

If you are renovating your kitchen and plan on staying at home, be prepared to go out or order in a lot. Add those expenses to your budget too. It may be more cost-effective to stay in a hotel or rental while your home is under construction.  

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Can You Stretch Your Budget?

Know whether you plan to stay or go as soon as possible during your renovation. That way, you can include additional expenses such as a hotel or short-term apartment lease in your initial budget.  

Some clients plan a vacation during the renovation, but most projects benefit from regular site visits and communication with your contractor, so if you leave town altogether, ensure that you are reachable.  

Planning a large kitchen or bathroom renovation this summer? Call Onsite Construction to discuss all the beautiful ways that we can remodel your space—813-579-5789!

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Staying Home During a Reno

If you decide to stay during a renovation, preserve your sanity and ask your contractor to set up at least one sealed-off, construction-free zone as your place to escape from the chaos. We know that having workers in your home can feel invasive, so we recommend setting ground rules on when the crew has access to your living space.  

To minimize health-related problems, turn your air conditioner off during the day to keep air from circulating throughout the house. And ask your crew to lay runners on the floor, put up barriers between rooms, and, if possible, use air scrubbers that purify the air of dust and chemical fumes.  

Leaving During a Reno

The day in and day out of living in a construction zone can be stressful. It is loud and dirty, and your quality of life can suffer. That’s why we highly recommend you not live in the house during a large scale remodel.  

If you do opt for alternative living arrangements, create a checklist. Many things need to be considered including:

  • How far is the new address from work or school?
  • Will you need to forward your mail?
  • Will you need to put a hold on your cable or find a new Internet provider?  
  • How much will this cost?  

Working in an unoccupied home allows our crews to be more productive, especially on gut jobs and larger renovations. But if you do decide to move out, keep close tabs on renovation progress and visit the property regularly, and make sure that you are easily reachable when a decision needs to be made.  

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Renovate with Onsite Construction

Treat the renovation experience as an adventure that will one day soon end. Once everything is completed, you will be able to relax in the beautiful home that you have always wanted!

With 15  years of experience, our team at Onsite Construction knows how to take some of the stress out of the whole home renovation process. Come home to your dream home every day! Call our expert contractors for a custom remodel quote for your Tampa Bay home, (813) 579-5789.