10 New Construction Tips from the Experts

Building a house can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but if you go in blind without some essential knowledge, it can be a tricky process.  


Take the guesswork out of the home-building process with these tips from our experts.  

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Come with Inspiration  

The joy of building a home is that you have the chance to customize it to your unique vision.  


Start with inspiration. Create a Pinterest board, pull images from home design magazines, or fill a folder with ideas that you like. If you are building a commercial space, do some reconnaissance and check out what your competitors are doing; ask yourself, “What do you like about their layout? How can you one-up it?”  

Choose a Floor Plan  

The first big decision is choosing the floor plan. It is the baseline of your project because it will determine the size, style, and features of your new home.  


Before work can begin, the floor plan will need to be approved or adjusted by a general contractor or architect.  Here, we work on the plan before we sign a contract. We want to make sure we know what the costs truly are to get you the look of your dreams for your new home or addition. Our attention to detail also helps get you moved in faster because we’re able to keep change orders on your build to a minimum.  


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Estimate the Cost Per Square Foot  

To figure out the going rate of new construction, take the total cost of the project and divide it by the square feet in the building.  


While you’re at it, do the same for buildings in the area so you can compare the market value of your building and others in the area. It also helps you determine whether it is a reasonable estimate from your builder!  

Right now, you can estimate about $250/square foot depending on your chosen finishes. We’ll work with you to make sure the design of your new build suits your budget.  



Balancing the Budget  

Those who plan with a budget in mind often build what their hearts want. We know that some things are expensive, but sometimes they are irresistible!  


Balance out your expensive tile floors in the master bath and the kitchen with less-expensive sinks or fixtures. It’s all about balance. You’ll have to comprise (a little anyway) when designing and building your dream home.  


Leave Room in the Budget  

Apart from building the home, there are additional items that will require a budget:  


  • Clearing the lot of trees, removing rocks, hauling in dirt, etc.  
  • Fees for required special permits.  
  • Labor costs that can fluctuate based on economic growth and unemployment.  


Your builder will have a clearer picture of what your unique project requires, so don’t forget to ask!  


Have you not found land to build your home on? We can connect you with a top-notch local Real Estate Agent to find the land that fits your needs!  


Budget for Delays  

Delays are part of the construction process and can increase costs. Workers still need to be paid for those extra workdays, and damaged or defective materials must be replaced.  


Be prepared for unexpected delays and budget an additional 10 percent for these costs.  


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Find the Right Builder  

Do your research and find a builder who routinely works on the type of home or commercial space you are planning. The builder should be insured and bonded, and have reviews to back up their claims.  


Ask your builders if they use independent subcontractors and verify their licenses before signing any contracts. Doing your due diligence when researching builders will ensure that you hire an experienced crew with a good reputation.  


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Understand Your Contract  

Because you will be working with the builder for months (maybe longer when you factor in permitting with the city), establish expectations and list in detail anything that you might expect that the contract doesn’t specify.  


Request a detailed construction contract to clarify the expectations and estimated costs of the project.  


Some aspects to include in the contract include:  


  • Definitions of heated and unheated spaces.  
  • Is a basement or garage included? Should they be finished?  
  • Utility connections.  
  • Liability insurance to protect half-built structures from fires, storms, vandalism, etc.  


Most builders’ contracts protect the building company, not the buyer. Have your real estate agent add addendums to the contract that protect you as well.  



At Onsite Construction, we pride ourselves on making the building of your custom home as enjoyable as possible! Ready to get started? Call us today, (813) 579-5789.

Plan for Possible Construction Delays  

Delays cost precious time and money, so create a backup plan as to where you are going to live as soon as construction starts.

If the delays are only a few days or weeks, staying with friends or family are great options. If you aren’t living in a home or apartment while your home is being built, research apartments or hotels if the delays are going to take months.  


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Make Sure There Is Builder’s Risk Insurance  

Also known as construction insurance, builder’s risk insurance protects against mistakes or mishaps that can damage a structure, equipment, or materials.  


Ensure that your builder has adequate coverage in place to recover the current value of your project, including labor costs, if a loss occurs. This also helps keep the project on time and within budget.  



Build With Confidence  

Onsite Construction always exceeds expectations, and with over 14 years of experience, we know how to take the stress out of building a new home. We will take your unique visions and turn them into reality!  


We are a veteran-owned business with the experience you need for your project. For your next new construction or large home addition, call Onsite Construction for a quote, (813) 579-5789.