March 16, 2022

Redesign in Mind: Open Concept vs. Traditional Floor Plan

The age-old debate when you have good bones, but not much else: open concept or more traditional layout…

The internal layout of your home has a huge impact on the overall ambiance of your space. A well-thought-out floor plan is a critical aspect of any home design project. Open concepts and traditional styles have unique aesthetic appeals that can dramatically shift the mood of your space.  

Both open-concept and traditional floor plans offer many advantages and have their cons. Open-concept layouts have become increasingly popular in modern years and provide many perks, but traditional floor plans will always have a timeless and cozy essence.  

Here at Onsite Construction, we can’t make the decision for you. However, we hope the pros and cons discussed below help you feel confident in choosing between these two home styles.  

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Which Style Suits You?

Open Floorplan

An open floor plan is a modern style that can be seen in lofts and industrial-inspired homes. Better natural lighting can filter throughout the space, making the home feel larger and brighter with room to breathe.  

An open floor plan provides space for easy accessibility and socializing, making it ideal for hosting gatherings. The large space also allows freedom for redesigning the various functional areas for different purposes, using rugs and furniture placement.  

Designing an open space can present a coordination challenge since all of the “rooms” must flow as one unit.  

Traditional Layout

What is a traditional house plan? It honestly depends. Outside they look ‘stately’ and inside they have rooms, not spaces. A traditional floor plan layout will borrow elements from the past with today’s modern lifestyles.  

Traditional floor plans offer flexibility for creating distinct color palettes and decor in each room. Walls and doors make the spaces feel smaller but can help create warmth and coziness. If you frequently battle unwanted clutter, a traditional floor plan might make cleanliness easier, since you can close off doors to messy rooms and produce a tidy overall appearance.  

Do You Prefer Rooms or Spaces?

An open floor plan provides a line of sight. This may be a good option for families with young children or elder family members looking for safety. The larger space allows caregivers and parents to keep an eye on children & elders while completing tasks such as cooking or cleaning.

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you grew up with family dinners around the dining room table and you want to have the same with your new home design. Or your household may require more privacy. People working from home want somewhere quiet to focus while the kids roughhouse with the dog in the living room. Privacy may be difficult to achieve with an open concept, so you might benefit from a traditional home plan with sound-proofing walls and doors.  

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Are Open Floorplans Trendy?

The trending open floor layout has grown so much in popularity that it may increase the resale value of your home. However, it is important to acknowledge trends are volatile and ever-changing. The traditional floor plan is classic and timeless. It never goes out of style especially if your family is comfortable.  

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Figuring Out the Best Floor Plan

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when deciding on a floor layout for your home. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of your options and the benefits each has to offer. To recap, here are the pros of both types of floor plans:  

Pros of Open Concept

  • Modern feel
  • Better lighting  
  • Easier accessibility
  • Flexible rearranging  
  • Easier cleaning
  • More safety  
  • Energy efficient  

Pros of Traditional Concept

  • Flexible design of separate rooms  
  • Easier de-cluttering  
  • More warmth & coziness
  • More privacy

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Designing Your Dream Home

Across the architecture and designs spheres, you can find industry professionals on both sides of the open concept vs. traditional floor plan debate. Both styles offer many pros and cons – so it’s up to what you love and what makes sense for your family.  

We aren’t here to make the decision for you, but at Onsite Construction, our builders are here to help. Ready to completely transform your space? Get in touch to schedule a FREE consultation and make your home visions a reality.