March 16, 2022

Key Questions To Ask Before A Home Renovation

Planningto renovate your home?A renovation is a great way to make your space uniquely yours and fit your design aesthetic. While exciting, planning a home reno canfeel like adaunting task.You may watch renovation shows on TV, but where do you even startin real life?Don’t worry! As you move through the planning and research phase of yourupcomingreno, here are five questions to considerbefore you get started:

What selections should I make BEFORE renovation starts?  

First, you will want to nail down the scope of your project. You know you want to redo the kitchen, bath, or to build a new home office (maybe a combination of spaces).But, there are some design decisions to make before your reno begins.Starta list of options such as windows, doors, paint colors, appliances, lighting,andflooring materials. While some selections may change as the renovation goes on, youcan use these choices to help your builder understand your style and vision for the final look of yourproject.Gathering inspiration photos helps!

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Who’s the right builder for my renovation? 

When choosing abuilder or remodeler, make sure to choose a reputable company that is licensed and insured in your state. Before choosing alocalbuilder to help with your reno, ensure that they are capable of doing the work that youenvision.

Before choosing a builder, you can’t miss these steps: 

  1. Interview them 
  2. Request a home visit or a visit to a homesite that they are working on 
  3. Request photos of previous work  
  4. Ask for reviews or speak to past homeowners if you can 

The truth is that choosing the right builder for your project will have a HUGE impact on how successful your renovation is. The right builder will take the time to discuss your vision and goals and then make them a reality.From new construction to full home renovations or additions, Onsite Construction can do it all! Choose our Tampa Bay remodelers to discuss your project – 813-579-5789!

What is realistic for my budget? 

Budget is a big factor in your renovation.Money can be a difficult topic to discuss, but it’s best to be upfront about your budget in these design consultations.Are you planning on a full-house reno? Or perhaps just a few rooms or the kitchen. Create a list of must-haves as well as a wish listthat, if needed, you can live without for now. Once you have a general budget range in mind, do a walk-through with your builder to discuss what will fit into your budget.Tip: Make sure to have alittle wiggle-room in your budget in case of unforeseen issues that might arise during the reno.Partnering with a trustworthy builder like Onsite Construction will allow you to forgo the stress of the renovation and get the end-result you were dreaming about! Call us today! 813-579-5789

How long will my home renovation take?  

We know you want to get your renovation doneASAPso you can start enjoying your space, which is why it’s important to ask your builder, “How long will this project take?”Of course, the answer depends largely on how big your project isand the selections you make! If your home reno involves multiple rooms or significant structural changes, you can look at construction taking anywhere from three months- up to a year.

Key factors that influence home renovation duration: 

-Scope and complexity-Homeowner decisiveness -Availability of construction materials(ex. are we custom building cabinetry or going with an in-stock option?)-Current conditions of the sub-contractor labor marketExperienced builders will always do their best to mitigate any delays through organization, planning, and communication with you throughout the renovation.Exceed expectations with Onsite Construction. Call us at 813-579-5789 to make your dream home come to life! 

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Will it stand the test of time? 

Changes to your home such as renovations or additions can affect everything including indoor air quality, energy efficiency, the performance of the shell of your home, and more.This is an important one, especially here in Tampa, Florida where humidity and heat have large impacts on your home throughout its life.This isn’t just about looks, it also about safety.After your reno, your home should be not only well-designed and structurally sound, but it should keep your family safe and sound for decades to come.Your builder should follow all quality assurance controls and should always use the best materials that your budget allows(at Onsite Construction, we always will).Ask yourbuilderabout reviews and their past projects, theyshouldbe able tostand by their work.

Make Your Dream a Reality 

The pros at Onsite Construction can make your renovation goals a reality. If you’re ready to start that renovation that you’ve been dreaming of, you can trust our experienced team of designers and builders. The custom home renovationprocess doesn’t have to feeldaunting,we are happy to help you along the way of your renovation journey! Contact us for a consultation today.After discussing your project with you, our TampaBaycontractorswillcreate acustomized, detailedestimate. Let’s get started-813-579-5789!