March 16, 2022

Common Signs of Water Damage and How to Spot Them

Water damage that goes undetected can accumulate and result in extreme destruction to your home or business.That’s why it’s important to understand what the common signs of water damage are and how to spot them.Not only will it cause damage to the structure of your home or business, but in some cases, it can be dangerous for your family or employees and clients to be in the water damaged area – even if it is unseen.The dangerous thing about water damage is that in some cases, you may not even realize the extent of the damage until a professional comes out and investigates the property.Signs of Water Damage:

  1. Spots and Stains
  2. Peeling and Bubbling Walls
  3. Signs of Mold
  4. Odors
  5. Water Bill Rising

If you have noticed any of these signs of water damage, call Onsite Restoration to schedule your consultation!

Spots and Stains

Water Stains

Some of the more obvious signs of water damage are dark spots and water stains on the walls and ceilings.(Other places to look for discoloration include cabinets and carpets.) Recent water damage will appear darker in color while damage that has been sitting for a while will be chalky white.

Peeling and Bubbling Walls

Water Damage Cracks

If you notice that your paint or wallpaper is peeling and or bubbling, there is probably water damage behind it.Cracks typically occur when there are large areas of water damage that have spread and expanded. Moreover, bubbling and peeling usually correlate with a wet wall.

Signs of Mold

(This is probably the widely known sign of water damage)

Mold on Ceiling and Wall

Any surface of your home or business can be prone to mold if it is left wet.Mold ranges in color from black to grey to white. Mold is very dangerous because it can be left unseen behind walls and under carpet.Mold can also cause respiratory issues, so it is definitely recommended to leave this to a professional.

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Water Damaged Ceiling

If you smell musty or damp odors, this is another giveaway that there is water damage.The odor is going to be most prominent in areas where the water damage is located, so this can assist with identifying the specific areas of water damage if it is not clearly visible.

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Water Bill Rising

Have your water bills been steadily increasing each month?This could indicate a major problem, and there may be a water damage issue.

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Think You May Have Water Damage? 

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