March 16, 2022

Smart Home Features to Incorporate in Your Home Build

There are extensive options of different smart home features to incorporate in your home, which can assure that you will find something that you think will be beneficial to your lifestyle. A major benefit of smart home features are that they are very convenient and can save you money by reducing energy costs.

What is a smart home?

smart phone controlling smart home features

A smart home means that there are features throughout your home that are connected and controlled by the internet. Since the features are connected to the internet, they can be managed remotely from your phone, or through a central control that controls every smart device in your home.Ready to add energy saving conveniences to your custom home build or home remodel? Call 813-579-5789 to schedule a consultation.

How does creating a smart home work?

Lady controlling smart home features on her smart phone

First, you select which smart home devices you want. Some common smart home devices include safety options such as a video doorbell, energy efficient options such as smart thermostats, and convenience features such as a fingerprint door lock.The exact features of the smart devices we describe below are going to vary depending on the devices you choose. After you’ve selected the devices you want to incorporate in your home, you can then set them up under a control system.You can choose from a central control system or an app-based control system.Onsite Construction’s Tampa contractors are eager to walk you through this process. We take the time with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. Check out our past client’s testimonials!

What Smart Home Feature Options Do I Have?

We’ve included some of the most common smart home devices and features, but there are many more smart home features that can be incorporated in your home depending on your selections.✔️Thermostat & Ceiling Fans✔️Door Locks, Indoor Cameras, & Video Doorbells✔️Refrigerators & Dishwashers✔️Electric Garage Door Opener✔️Smart Showers✔️Sockets & Light BulbsYou will definitely find options that will add convenience to your life no matter what your lifestyle is.

Thermostat & Ceiling Fans

Wouldn’t it be awesome to control your thermostat and ceiling fans while you’re away from home? Well, it’s possible with smart thermostats and ceiling fans! They can reduce your energy costs and most of them allow you to keep track of your energy usage.

Door Locks, Indoor Cameras, & Video Doorbells

Home with video doorbell

Running late for work and forgot to lock the door? That’s not a problem with smart locks. You can simply lock your door from your phone!Indoor cameras and video door bells are other smart home features that increase your home’s safety, and many smart home devices include motion detection. While you’re away from home, you will know who has walked up to your doorstep and rang your doorbell.This is also convenient for when you’re at home and don’t want to open the door to strangers.

Refrigerators & Dishwashers

White custom Kitchen remodel

A smart refrigerator can detect the kind of items stored and can keep track of their expiration dates and usage via barcodes or radio-frequency identification.Smart dishwashers allow you to monitor the cycle status and lock and unlock the dishwasher remotely. Of course, different smart dishwashers will have different features. Some may include an alert if a leak is detected or dishwasher detergent is running low.

Electric Garage Opener

Custom home with electric garage opener

One of the most well-known and common smart home features is an electric garage opener from a fob or an app on your phone. This feature is convenient especially for the Tampa Bay area which receives harsh, stormy weather.Getting out of your car and running through a storm to get to the front door or to open your garage manually is no longer an issue with an electric garage opener.

Smart Showers

custom bathroom remodel with smart home features

Smart showers allow you to select your shower duration, water flow, water temperature, and more!These can be controlled by an app, the control center, or even by voice command. If that is not enough for you, you can even include a waterproof TV in your shower, so that you won’t miss out on your special premieres.

Sockets & Light Bulbs

lamp with smart home electrical socket

Incorporating smart sockets in your home will allow you to turn on and off any device that is plugged into that socket. You may also set a timer to have the devices turned off at a designated time.Smart light bulbs work in a similar manner, as they can be scheduled as well, but they also offer custom lighting settings and some can even play music!

How Onsite Construction Can Help You Achieve a Smart Home

Onsite Construction works with trusted technology experts in Hillsborough county and Pinellas County that can assist you with selecting your uniquely tailored custom smart home features.Having over 14 years of experience, we can assure you peace of mind when creating your smart home. If you’re ready to start saving on your electricity bills and are ready for a more convenient lifestyle, contact us today for your initial consultation and estimate!