June 22, 2023

The Latest Home Design and Addition Trends

What You Need to Know About Home Additions

 Whether or not you’re working remotely, having your own office space within your home really does make your life easier.  Productivity increases, you have less interruptions, a shorter commute, and the ability to create an environment that better suits your personality and work style.  In addition, there are some tax benefits gained from creating a home office.

Building a home office addition gives you the opportunity to design the room the way you want it.  From setting the layout of furniture just so, to picking out the color of the walls and the size and shape of your furniture, to adding multi-functional services like internet, fax, and other high-tech amenities that make your workday easier, a home office can help you become more productive and less stressed.

Building your own home office space also lets you reinvent the way you work.  It allows you to create a much better work-life balance.  And it creates an efficiency that’s not always possible in a busy, noisy, and demanding office building.  


Having your own home office will:

  • Add to your home’s intrinsic value and attractive features for future home buyers.
  • Let you increase time with your family.  Instead of commuting to and from work, you can take those minutes or hours of your daily commute and instead enjoy your family.
  • It’s eco-friendly.  By eliminating your commute, you’re helping the environment by releasing fewer emissions into the atmosphere.
  • You can save money!  The average commuter spends between $2,000 and $5,000 annually driving to and from work, eating lunch or dinner out with business associates, or running down the street to buy a latte or two to keep you going throughout the day.  Having your own home office saves you money!


Tired of waiting to get into the bathroom?  Adding another bathroom or redesigning your current bathroom is one of the most advantageous additions or design updates you can make to your home.  Creating more space in this most personal of rooms is a great way to designate the bathroom as a place to relax, be calm, and increase your mindfulness.  

In 2023, it’s all about bringing Mother Nature into the bathroom.  Walls that are painted a calming, light leafy green.  Nature-inspired natural stone and wood.  Adding plants on the countertops or shelves (they love the humidity).  Anything that brings the peace and calm of the natural outdoors into your own personal sanctuary.

Another trend in bathrooms is to create the feeling of your own personal spa.  Replace shower heads with a waterfall shower head.  This type of shower head provides an overall immersive and calming shower experience compared to a regular shower head. And they don’t use more water than a regular shower head.

Add scented candles or incense, change out the lighting to warmer, more intimate lightbulbs.  Add more modern shelving to the linen closet.  Change out drawer and closet pulls. Hang some pictures.  Make the bathroom the sanctuary it’s meant to be.

In 2023, more and more homeowners will opt for bringing the outdoors inside. Especially in Florida where the weather is perfect most of the year, installing larger windows and three-panel sliding or retractable glass doors can give the impression of having the outdoors and nature right inside your home or lanai.  These additions are a great way to let in more natural light, while opening up the view to the outside landscaping.

And bringing nature into your indoor living spaces can have a huge impact on how you and your family feel every single day.  Studies have shown that bringing nature or the outdoors into a home can generate positive emotions.  It can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rates, and it increases productivity, inspires creativity, and creates an overall feeling of well-being.  It also increases your focus and connectedness, and it helps to reduce depression and anxiety.

You can install floor to ceiling windows that look out over your lawn and gardens.  Or how about looking out to the Gulf of Mexico?  There are many design options and/or additions you can install in your home to increase its value, open it up to the outdoors, and create more living space or your own personal sanctuary.  And 2023 is the time to do it.  

What else does 2023 have in store for home design?  How about an accent wall.  Whatever the color of paint you choose for your walls, an accent wall is a great way to add a touch of a different color, a darker shade than the rest of the room walls, patterned wall coverings, or some type of textured material.  

The purpose of an accent wall is to draw visual attention when you walk into the room. It’s often used as the focal point in a room.  For example, placing your baby grand piano near an accent wall not only highlights the wall, but it puts a spotlight on the piano as well.  Hanging your artwork or as a backdrop to indoor plants or furniture seatings.  Accent walls add a touch of your personality to any room.  

Bottom Line?  Home design and addition trends come and go.  What’s popular in 2023 might be out of style for 2024.  The bottom line is that these trends are simply suggestions.  What you might consider adding to your home.  Designs, colors, accessories, a home office, or an additional bathroom that you might want to add to make your life easier and your home more beautiful and welcoming.  They are creative ways to modify or add to your living space.  And they are yours to “play” with, to inspire your imagination, to bring out your inner do-it-yourself persona.  Updating your home design, adding rooms, expanding to an open floor plan are all ways to bring more value and more comfort to your home.   Enjoy!