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Are You In Need Of Water Damage Restoration Services In Clearwater, FL?

At Onsite Construction, our professional contractors in Clearwater and the surrounding areas in Florida, are experts at Water Damage Restoration. Whether your pipes spring a leak, your toilet or sink overflow, an appliance fails, your sewer backs up, or a hurricane or tropical storm brings a storm surge into your home or business, our Clearwater Water Damage Restoration team is trained to respond quickly to clean up the mess, mitigate damage, and restore your home or business back to normal. 

And Onsite Restoration can also help you with your home or flood insurance claims, making the process go as smoothly as possible. We understand that water damage can not only be disruptive, it can also be quite frightening, especially if the leak is large or the storm surge is high. It often happens quickly, without warning, and needs to be dealt with immediately. In fact, mold and bacteria can start growing within 24 hours of a flood or leak situation so it is imperative to call us as soon as possible

We’re On the Job Quickly

Our Clearwater team answers calls quickly and efficiently. No matter what the cause, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to a water damage threat. Our water damage experts are available every hour of the day, 365 days a year to tackle any size water issue in your home or business. And because we act swiftly, you can trust that our Water Damage Restoration team will stop the leak, extract the water, clean up the mess, and assure you that further water damage to your premises from this threat is over. 

The first thing we do is assess the damage to your home or business and if a pipe has burst or a toilet or sink has overflowed, we stop the leak. We then extract any water or sewage from the building, and then the affected areas are professionally cleaned, ventilated, dried, and disinfected as rapidly as possible to reduce bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganism growth. Any delay in removing the water can cause additional damage to the property and potential health risks for your family or employees.

Be Prepared

Most water disasters just can’t be predicted. But in Florida, a state that’s prone to hurricanes, tropical storms, and storm surges, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself. If you live in an older home, you can hire a plumber to come to inspect your pipes, water shutoffs, appliance connections and hoses for signs of wear. They can check for pipe corrosion, or pin-hole leaks—anything that could have the potential of becoming a major leak down the line.

You can monitor spots in your home or business that may have suffered from water damage in the past. Your garage, bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, windows that are not sealed tightly, and your roof and ceilings are some of the first places to monitor. You can also Install flood alarms for early detection in areas in your home or business that are prone to flood damage.

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Act Fast When There’s Flooding

Here are the first things you should do if you’ve had flooding either from a storm or a water leak:

  • Call Onsite Water Damage Restoration Team in Clearwater, FL
  • Call your home or flood insurance company to start a claim
  • Turn off the power and water
  • Inventory and then protect your valuables
  • Inventory and then protect your valuables
  • When you enter the house, wear rubber boots and gloves for protection
  • Take photos of the damage, including floors, drywalls, appliances, furniture, rugs,
    clothes, etc.
  • Remove anything that is wet. Mold starts growing within 24 hours of a water
    event, especially here in Florida
  • Open windows to allow for airflow and evaporation
  • Start an inventory of damaged items—list everything no matter how small
  • Remove any standing water with a mop, old cloths, wet/dry vacuum, etc., to
    lessen any further damage before Onsite Water Damage Restoration arrives.
    Remove anything that is wet. Mold starts growing within 24 hours of a water
    lessen any further damage before Onsite Water Damage Restoration arrives.

It’s important to know where your water shut off valve is in your home or business. Generally, the main shut-off valve is on an outside wall on the side or back, near your foundation. Be sure it’s easy to get to in an emergency.

What is the Greatest Risk?

Whether it’s severe weather or broken pipes, when water threatens property damage, the sooner you can determine the cause of the issue, the faster you can get it resolved. If the cause is a leak, we can stop it. If the cause is storm surge, it will quickly subside and then we’ll get to work. Your hardwood floors have the greatest risk for sustaining permanent damage in addition to the risk of growing mold. Because of its permeability, hardwood flooring will most likely absorb moisture quickly. To properly repair major water damage to your hardwood floors, hiring disaster restoration professionals like Onsite Restoration is imperative. Here are step-by-step details of what you need to know to fix your hardwood floors and prevent further damage:

Hardwood Flooring Water Damage Restoration In Clearwater

Before any repairs can be made to water damaged hardwood floors, we’ll need to determine the type of wood your flooring is made of. There are five types of wood used for flooring: oak, walnut, maple, cherry, and hickory. Next, we’ll need to see how your floorboards were installed. Nailed? Glued? Stapled? Floating? Cement or plywood underlayment? Each type of wood and each type of initial installation methods have their own unique challenges in the drying process due to varying porosity. When nailed floors have water damage, those nails can lift. If the floor has been glued to the substrate, the excess moisture can release the glue and the boards will rise. And for floating floors, it may be a sign that they are not genuine wood. 

The tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring may “cup” from absorbing moisture.  Cupping occurs when the edges of the board become higher than the center of the board, creating a concave shape. Cupping can result in an uneven floor and gaps between the floorboards. If your floors have a laminate surface or a particle board substructure instead of solid wood boards, saving them is virtually impossible because moisture seeps in and under this type of flooring. Our experts can help you determine the kind of flooring you have and how to properly restore or replace it if necessary.

water damage restoration clearwater fl
water damage restoration services clearwater fl

Drying Your Hardwood Floor​

After the floor type and installation method are determined, the drying process can begin. Onsite Restoration can utilize surface and subsurface drying techniques, in addition to dehumidification methods. But the drying time for hardwood floors can take up to 10 days.  It takes patience and time, but in the end, it will be worth it. Once the hardwood’s moisture levels reach 4% or less, Mother Nature will take over removing the remaining water. Unfortunately, this dehumidifying process is even slower and can take anywhere from three to six months. It’s crucial to have flooring and restoration experts handle the drying process for the best outcome if you want to save your floors.

Restoring the Finish

After the hardwood floor is finally dry and no more damage is visible, we can stain, polyurethane, and wax the surface of your floors, bringing them back to their original, brand-new looking shine

Request a Consultation For Water Damage Restoration In Clearwater, FL

If your hardwood floors have been water damaged for whatever reason, make sure you call the Water Damage Restoration experts at Onsite Restoration in Clearwater. Our highly qualified technicians have the expertise and the experience in assessing, drying out, and repairing water damaged hardwood floors. Plus, we help you with your insurance claims at the same time we bring your property to an even better state than its pre-loss condition.

Request a consultation today for your Clearwater area home or business. We guarantee our work and our elite, certified staff will provide you with the personal attention rarely found in our industry today. At Onsite Restoration, we’ve seen it all before, and we’ve restored it all before. Give us a call today at:  (813) 534-5821 or contact us here.

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