March 16, 2022

Signs You Might Have a Water Leak & Steps to Take

A water leak can have a handful of negative repercussions on your home if you don’t act quickly. This may seem like a negligible problem, but it should never be neglected. Water leaks can very quickly turn into water damage, which will inevitably take a significantly higher amount of time and money to take care of.

However, don’t let the fear of water leaks and damage overwhelm you! Our team at Onsite Restoration weighs in on signs you might have a water leak and steps to take in order to restore you home.

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Over the Top Water Bills

If you notice a random large spike in your water bill, it’s pretty likely that it’s not just a coincidence. When a structure in your home has a leak, you will end up using more water to compensate for the loss of water somewhere in your walls or ceiling or under appliances. If your water bill is over the top this month without an explanation, you may want to bring in a pro to investigate your home for leaks.


Funky Smells

If your home starts to smell like a wet dog, that might be a sign you’ve got some problems. Dampness on its own can create some pretty interesting smells, but when moisture starts breeding bacteria and other biohazards, the stench can be downright unbearable. Mold and mildew all have similar unpleasant odors that you can likely identify if you’ve been exposed to them before.

The cause of these funky smells can not only harm your personal belongings, but it can also wreak havoc on your health If something smells off, trust your nose and reach out to the pros at Onsite Restoration to get your water leaks under control.

Weak Water Pressure

If the pipes leading to your sink, shower, toilet, and other appliances are troubled with leaks, they will have a challenging time moving water to its destination. This will result in low water pressure- which can be super annoying when taking a nice, hot shower. Unless you’ve recently made adjustments to your plumbing, weakened water pressure likely indicates a leak that needs repairing.

Structural Damage

When water begins to pool in areas it shouldn’t be, it can cause significant and dangerous issues with the structural integrity of your home. The following warning signs are red flags telling you to take a closer look:

If you are experiencing any of these water damage symptoms, there is likely a big issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage to either your home or your help.

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Take the Proper Steps with Onsite Restoration

Water leaks and damage need to be immediately addressed, whether it’s just a minor headache-causing inconvenience or a home-consuming mold infestation that requires home evacuation. The faster you act, the less time, money, and resources you will spend on reversing the damage.

Fortunately, this is what Onsite Restoration is here for. Our team has the experience, equipment, and expertise to return your home to pristine condition. Leak who? We don’t know her.

If you’ve experienced water, fire, or any other kind of damage to your home on a small or large scale, Onsite Restoration can bring your Florida home back to its best! Call (813) 579-5789 today!