March 16, 2022

Storm Damage: What to Do After a Storm Hits

The Tampa Bay area is prone to storms, whether it is a tropical storm, a hurricane, or just heavy rain and wind. Storms can cause damage and some can be costly and messy to repair.  

Whether your damage is small or a complete renovation is needed because an oak tree fell on your house, we’ll work hard to have your property returned to better than its pre-loss condition.

We’re here to help you weather any storm. Make sure you know what to do – and not to do – if you have experienced any storm damage. Scroll on for 4 things you can do to sure your home and property are taken care of after a storm hits!

Checking The Damage…

First, make sure your home is safe. We can’t stress this enough; this is your number one priority after a storm strikes. We know you want to know the extent of the damage, but it may be best to wait for the professionals. DO NOT attempt to check your home for damage or return to your home if conditions are not safe.

Assuming you can get safely back into your home, here’s what you may want to check first to prevent any further damage:  


After a storm, there may be a lot of electrical damage. Make sure to check for fallen power lines and be cautious of standing water that may be electrically charged.

Make sure to turn the electricity off and call an electrician if you see exposed or frayed wires, water in your exterior breaker box, or have any appliances that were exposed to water.


If you suspect your roof is missing shingles, make sure to call a professional contractor. They can safely access your roof to fix the damage and work with your insurance as needed for repairs.  


Check all the pipes inside and outside your home. Close the water valves to the sinks and toilets and shut off all the water to the home, if necessary.  

Call a professional plumber if you see sewage backing up in the shower or under the toilet. This is an indication your main sewer line is either clogged or broken.  

Furniture & Contents

If while looking around, you notice water damage to your belongings, call an expert at Onsite Restoration to help make things right again.  

Contact Your Insurance

As you check your home for storm damage, make sure you properly document the damage. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with proper visual documentation, you can show insurance how severe the damage is so they can compensate you properly for repairs.  

Skip DIY! Call a Restoration Team

Do not attempt to fix storm damage on your own. Without the proper tools, equipment, and expertise you can be left with lingering water damage that can lead to mold or even wood rot that can lead to structural issues. These issues, when discovered later, will likely not be covered by insurance. Take care of your storm damage immediately with the right professionals and be better protected. No one likes to find out their DIY handy work means their insurance claim is denied…

Our licensed and experienced team is available to help mitigate and repair your storm damage. Regardless of the scope of your damage, we’ll work hard to have your property returned to better than its pre-loss condition.

After A Storm, Call Onsite Restoration

Has your home or property suffered damage from a storm? The last thing you need to do is to worry about assessing the damage, handling your insurance, and getting the repairs done properly.  

Trust Tampa Bay’s storm damage experts at Onsite Restoration. We will make the process as smooth as possible and always aim to have your home in a better state than its pre-loss condition. Our state-licensed contractors and craftsmen are fully certified to handle storm, water, and fire damage restoration.

When disaster strikes, call Onsite Restoration at 813-579-5789. Our licensed contractors are available 24/7 to help mitigate, repair any storm-related damage, and restore your peace of mind.