March 16, 2022

What’s Covered By PACE Financing?

Is Your Home or Business in Need of Restoration Services? You May be Eligible to Use PACE Financing for Your Project!

When it comes to PACE Financing, there are no upfront costs. The improvements that PACE financing covers is for energy improvement features or hurricane impact resistance.

Therefore, if you are in need of restoration services for your home or business, you can use PACE Financing to cover the upfront costs of your property improvement project if you opt for energy efficient, or hurricane impact resistant features. This is especially great for those who have experienced total losses or extensive damage.You may be wondering, “What improvements can exactly be covered by PACE Financing?” In this blog we’ve included the most common improvements that can be covered through PACE Financing.Our residential contractors and commercial contractors have helped hundreds of property owners with energy efficiency and hurricane impact resistant features. As a PACE certified contractor, we can help you get the upgrades you need, with no upfront costs! See our recent projects here!

High Efficiency Doors and Windows

energy efficient windows

High efficiency doors and windows can qualify for PACE Financing in many situations. It is an easy option to use for PACE Financing because energy efficient doors and windows are Energy Star certified, so they will lower the heating and cooling costs of your home or business.Upgrading doors and windows can also provide cosmetic improvements as well. You may also be able to use PACE Financing for sealing around window frames and weather stripping around doors.Take a look at our other exterior remodeling services, or contact us for a quote today!

LED Lighting

LED Lighting PACE contractor

Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED lighting can provide exceptional energy savings. They also last longer than alternative types of light bulbs.Therefore, although LED lighting may be costlier up front, they are worth the investment for their longevity and energy savings. This makes PACE Financing the perfect financing option to use because that upfront cost will be covered.As Tampa’s preferred general contractor, we also service Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Wesley Chapel, Riverview, Gibsonton and other surrounding cities. Check out our reviews to see what they have to say!

Cool Roofing

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Cool roofing is the perfect option for homes in areas with hotter climates, such as Tampa, Florida. Cool roofing works by deflecting UV rays which in turn keeps your home or business cooler.A cool roof may require a completely new roof, or it may be applied over an existing roofing structure by using a coating. Cool roof applications can also extend the lifespan of your roof which is another added benefit.Check out our sister company, Goodfriend Roofing, a PACE certified roofer in the Tampa Bay area.

Climate Control

HVAC Commercial contractor

Upgrading outdated HVAC units to energy efficient units can also increase your energy savings which can be eligible for PACE Financing. Energy Star heat pumps and air conditioning units can improve the energy efficiency of your home or business making it PACE Financing eligible.If you opt for Energy Star products, you may even be eligible for a tax credit. Upgrading ductwork or insulating ducts can also be eligible for PACE Financing because it can limit air conditioning loss.Let’s get your new energy efficient AC unit installed before summer; call us for a consultation.

Solar Panels

solar panels on tile roof

Solar panels are another energy improvement option that has a higher upfront cost, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Overtime, you will definitely be saving much more money on energy costs than what was originally invested.The beauty of PACE Financing is that you won’t have to worry about that upfront cost – it will be paid over a set period of time, typically between 10 and 30 years.Our residential and commercial contractors are ready to assist you with your PACE financing property improvement questions! Schedule your initial consultation here!

Ready to Incorporate Energy Efficient Options For Your Home or Business?

When you choose Onsite Restoration for your restoration project, we will exceed your expectations. Our general contractor has over 14 years of experience working on both residential and commercial projects.We specialize in water damage, water mitigation, fire damage and storm damage from minor issues to total home losses! We are also state-licensed, insured and IICRC certified.Our Tampa Bay contractors and certified technicians provide professional and clear communication when it comes to your project. Onsite Restoration works with insurance claims as well, partnering with public adjusters, we work for you, not your insurance company.Ready to schedule your consultation?Contact us at 813-579-5789 ;