March 16, 2022

Why You Should Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space

Living in the beautiful Sunshine State, you understand the importance of the outdoors to our lifestyle. Here, we love spending time outdoors with friends and family. We know your outdoor living space can be a unifying spot for a memorable gathering.

Whether you’re up bright and early with your yoga mat for a flow at dawn or hosting a weekend barbecue get-together with your closest family and friends, a custom backyard living space upgrade may be just what your home needs.

When you’re going through a large-scale renovation, you can’t overlook the outdoors! Scroll to see our top reasons why you should remodel your outdoor living space and home exterior too!

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Reno Reason #1: You Expand Your Livable Space

Sometimes you just need a little room to breathe! Renovating your home’s exterior living areas increases your livable space. That’s why an outdoor space is such an awesome home addition.

When building from the ground up or completely opening the floor plan, you can design a natural flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Create an entrance from your living room to the outdoor space with grand French doors, a high-quality and modern sliding glass door, or an oversized accordion folding door to seamlessly blend the two spaces.

For our cooler months, you can install a fireplace with a beautiful hollowed-out wood storage cubby. You could even construct a kitchen with a built-in grill to take the cooking outside as you entertain in your dream home.  We suggest a covered area, lanai, or pergola so you won’t be shut off from your space when the sun is too high in the sky or rain starts coming down.

Reno Reason #2: Up the Entertainment

Your outdoor space would inevitably become a fantastic spot for parties as well as entertaining gatherings of friends and families. You may feel limited by the size of your indoor kitchen, but with an outdoor space, you will likely have more room and creative freedom.

As you design your custom outdoor kitchen and living area, consider specific tasks you would complete and what spaces that would require. You may need:

  • Refrigeration
  • Hot regions like grills and stoves
  • Sinks
  • Prep Counters
  • Storage and clean up needs like trash
  • A built-in bar

Ideally, your task zones should coordinate and have an efficient layout.  With proper design and thoughtful consideration, your outdoor kitchen can mimic all of the functionality of its indoor sibling and more. You can incorporate prep stations, gas burners, a full-service bar, or a wine cooler. The opportunities are endless with the sweet harmony of nature by your side.

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Reno Reason #3: You Can Increase Your Home Value

Year after year, outdoor living rooms rank at the top of the list for growing consumer interest in specialized spaces. Outdoor space remodeling has the potential to add serious bang to the buck of your home. Since you’re already investing in a large-scale remodeling project, now is the time to add it on!

Fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and water features are just some of the changes that can offer a fantastic return on investment. Depending on your lot, you can even create a cozy courtyard-style yard complete with an in-law suite or casita! If you’re on a larger lot you can still have plenty of green space.

Reno Reason #4: Enjoying Our Endless Summers

We believe great design is a breath of fresh air!

There is a reason people enjoy being outside so much; we need it for our well-being! Getting some sunshine can dramatically increase your vitamin D levels, and positively impact your mood.

Here in Tampa Bay, we have plenty of fun in the sun. Take full advantage of our endless summers. A comfortable and functional outdoor space offers you the rejuvenating oasis you deserve.

Reno Reason #5: You May Save Money

While adding an outdoor living space to your overall renovation may be a significant initial investment, you will likely save money in other areas of life now that you have your dream event hosting location.

If you go out to eat with friends often or frequently seek entertainment outside of the home, a completely transformed outdoor living area can provide you will an alternative to spend more time in your sanctuary. If you create your own paradise, you’ll never want to leave!

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Have An Oasis, Onsite

Indoor/outdoor living can’t be missed here. Create a beautiful living space that you can enjoy for years to come. We want to help you build a home that seamlessly merges with the gift of nature.

With impeccable craftsmanship and commitment to our clients, you’ll receive all of the benefits of a luxury custom remodeling project when you work with Onsite Construction. Whether you are interested in outdoor living for your private home (or even your retail space), we can help turn your vision into reality.

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